Sunday, August 29, 2010

Taggart's 6th Birthday Party

It was a fun one. I feel that the days of planning a themed at-home party for my kids are probably numbered. They start to want to do other things, like go to the movies or to the bowling alley.
So for Tag's party this year - we went all out.
He wanted a backyard pool party so that's how it started.
I decided on a "surfer-dude" theme and he liked that. I have spent the last month or so, planning the details - browsing various websites for ideas and inspiration. Somewhere along the line, we decided to make it a "surfer-dude/Phineas and Ferb" theme as the two go well together and Phineas and Ferb is his absolute favorite TV show.
So the invitations went out.

I was a little worried about the weather. I really wanted it to be warm enough for the kids to swim. We lucked out - the weather was beautiful - the best day of the week for sure. Blue skies and about 23* or 24*.
Here are all the details:

This idea came from a collaborative effort of myself, Tony and my friend Julie. Tony first suggested that Cooper and Hudson run a little snack hut a few weeks ago and the idea grew into this - "Taggart's Snack Shack". I absolutely loved how it turned out and Taggart and his friends did too.

The games.
Go Fish

Coconut Bowling (thanks Tony for building the 'alley')

We interrupt this party for a quick nap in the shade.

Shark cupcakes.

More details:

The Phineas and Ferb Surfing cake. This was a surprise to Tag and he told me later, it was one of his favorite things about the day. Yay!!

An overview of the whole yard. Tony went up and took it from our bedroom window.

It was a really great party. All the preparation and time were so worth it. Taggart had a lot of fun and that's really what it was about. Even though the planning and executing are really a lot of fun for me too.
But at the end of the party when the yard was quiet again, Tag's fun started for him in a different way. Like I said, he loved the party, but crowds are really not Tag's thing. After all his friends went home, him and I sat out there for a bit and looked through some of presents and chatted about his favorite parts of the day. This is when he really shined for me. He was laughing and giggling and really enjoying himself. Taking time to check out and play with some new toys. We even cracked open one of the coconuts from the bowling game and he tried some of the milk inside. Yuck!

This party will definitely be remembered - by me anyway. Hopefully all the photos will help him remember too. I'm going to close this long blog post now, because I see the potential of it starting to get a little sappy and sentimental as I think about my baby turning SIX!
More on that in a couple of days when we celebrate with family on his actual big day.


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! I couldn't wait to see all the photos! Great job! And I'm sure Taggart will remember the party when he is planning a "Surfer Dude" birthday party for his little guy one day! Julie

Anonymous said...

Wow Heidykins, that looks fab! You absolutely amaze me sometimes! It looked like such a fun place to be and Tag and his little harem had fun! Happy Birthday Tag!! Enjoy being 6! Love, Leni

mackyton said...

Taggart's 6th Birthday Party was awesome. I just like the party d├ęcor part the most. It was so creative and eye pleasing. My son too would turn 8 years old and asking for the football themed party which I think would be so much fun to plan and plot. Would love to book the outdoor event venue Atlanta for that bash.