Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall and nesting

Even though I don't usually welcome the arrival of Fall (summer is always much to short for my liking) there are things about Fall that I definitely enjoy. The one feeling that recurs for me every year during this season is that of nesting. Staying home more while the kids are at school (even though I always seem to have somewhere to go), baking warm treats to fill the house with the scent of cinnamon, decorating the house for the seasons and starting to prepare for the Christmas season. And with all of that comes a real desire to get back into my blog. I know that I have tried before with little success but here we go again.
My camera is still out and with the arrival of my iPhone early this year I have no excuse not to take photos of our everyday life. I am still taking the photos but I realize that I am not enjoying looking at them anymore. So today as I scrolled through some recent photos of some things we have enjoyed this Fall I saw how many great photos I have. Not technically great, but memory great.

Thanksgiving weekend in Whistler:


Raking leaves: 
 Pumpkin patch: