Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Go, Cooper, Go

So proud of Cooper today. It was his second cross country race after school. Last week was his first and he came in 46th place out of about 60 kids. His time was 9:58 for one mile. He was happy, he felt he did great. I was happy he was happy. But in the last week we've had a few conversations about it. I asked him if he felt he wanted to try and beat his time, did he want to set a goal for himself. He said 'yes' but not with too much conviction. Cooper is always satisfied with where he's at. Not a real go-getter but always a participater. That's good. But I still feel the need to encourage him to want to do better - always try as hard as you can. He decided that he would like to place in the top 30 this time around, eventhough only the top 20 get ribbons. I think he was trying to be realistic. So this afternoon, before the race, we talked about really going for what you want, even if it's hard. Envisioning the end result - all the typical pep talk stuff. We got to the school with not quite enough time. The parking was horrendous and we had to walk a long way and so he got to the starting point seconds before they started the race. I felt bad - I should have gotten him there sooner. But he did awesome. He came in 25th place and his time was just over 7 minutes. I could see in his face that he pushed himself so much harder than last week and that he felt really good for doing so. So, so proud of him. Next week I promised I'd get him there sooner and he'd have a few minutes to stretch and we'll see what he can do. My favorite moment was as we were heading back to the car Cooper said "It doesn't matter if you come in last Mom, it just matters that you had the courage to finish the race."

Monday, September 24, 2007

It's a start

I know, it's a little pathetic but it's something. Two little mini hay bales (1/2 price at Liquidation World-thanks Ade) and three little mini pumpkins. Nothing like the photo I posted yesterday - didn't mean to mislead anybody and make them think that was actually my front porch. Love the twig planter in that photo and would love to know where to get one of those. Anyways, it's a start and I will add to it as I see things - a work in progress.
Enjoyed a movie night with the kids this weekend. Cooper had come off a week long punishment of no 'screen' time so he was itching to stare at one for a while. (punished for saying very less than desirable words) It's getting harder to find a movie that they all want to watch. Tag usually ends up watching something that is far too old for him and getting bored and then bugging the rest of us so we can't watch. But he did well and lasted through most of The Parent Trap. Like this photo because how many more years are we all going to fit onto one couch.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Feels like Fall

Today I felt like we spent a lot of time in the car. Reagan was invited to a birthday party in Lyndon, WA and so we all took her down. With the $ being so good everybody is going down and we had to deal with borderline-ups both ways. We spent the time while she was at the party having lunch at McDonald's and browsing at Barnes and Nobles. The boys were all really good and they all left with a new book. Taggart, for some reason, was set on having a Slushie, or as he calls it, a Flushie. Everytime we passed a gas station he would point out that we had just passed a flushie store and after a few was getting pretty annoyed that he still didn't have one. Towards the end of our day and yet another missed opportunity for a flushie I finally turned around and let him know, very clearly, that he wasn't getting one today. "Are you kidding me?" was his reply. I couldn't keep a straight face to that one. He's never said that before and it was so perfectly said in context. Anyways, I think he might have heard it from me, maybe.

Today was a beautiful fall day - crisp and sunny. I had been feeling a little robbed of summer the last few weeks but now have come to accept that we ahve moved onto a new season. The Apple Barn is open and we are heading out for yet another field trip with the preschool next week. I think this may be my fifth one, but it's always a good time and I am looking forward to some special time with Tag. I think I might try and decorate the front porch for Fall so will be on the look out for some things for that. Really like the look of this one.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A new era...

Today was Tag's first full day of preschool. This really feels like the start of a new time for me. It is only a short time every week but still, it is a time that I haven't had for a long time. Time just for me - so this morning I dusted off my running shoes and went for a run. It was a short run as I am very rusty but it was something. I am excited to have this time just for me. I could fill these few hours a week with grocery shopping and laundry but those will get done anyway so why not take the time for me. I think I deserve it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I was wrong

Taggart showed no apprehension, definitely no tears, just big waves goodbye as Reagan and I dropped him off at school this morning. He was very excited and I think, very proud of himself. He seemed to know somehow that this was a big step for him and he handled it perfectly. When I went to pick him after the hour I watched through the window of the door as they sang their goodbye song. He looked way too small to be sitting there on the carpet but yet there he was, not too little at all. This is the first time I felt a little sad somehow to see him there. I've always been the mom excited to see their kids go on another adventure, hit another milestone but today I felt a little something different. He is my last - I won't see this 'little' stage again. Another reminder to hold on to every moment and never wish it away. Feeling blessed today to have these four beautiful people in my life - blessed to be their mom.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Big steps for big kids

Being in Grade 4 is a big deal. It means you get to participate in all the activities you couldn't do last year because they are only for Grade 4's and 5's. Today the cross country running club started and they meet 3 times a week at 8:05. Because that's a bit early for all of us to be at school Cooper walked to school by himself for the first time. A big deal for him. I asked if he was nervous and he said "No, actually I feel like I'm growing up". You sure are buddy...and far too quickly.
Being in kindergarten is a big deal. It means lining up along the wall just like you watched both your big brothers do. I know that some parents feel a lot of different emotions at this time but all I felt was excited...for you. Reagan is such a social girl, saying "hi" to the girl in the line up beside her and starting up a conversation. I am so proud of you Reagan. You are growing up into such a strong, confident little girl. I see great things for you.
Tomorrow, more big things. Tag has his first day of preschool. We'll let you know how it goes. I predict a little apprehension...on his part, not mine. :)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tag and his 'digger'

He loves this tractor (he calls it a digger). He has played with it everyday since he got it. So glad that we found it for him. He got the hang of it right away and can steer around the yard so well. It gets going pretty fast in 2nd gear and the look on his face is pure joy. Being the fourth child he is in for a life of hand-me-downs so this is something he definitely deserves.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bright, shiny faces...

So many things go through my head on the first day of school. I always feel excited for the possibilites that lie ahead. What this school year might bring for them. Also I am trying to start the year off with good habits - like getting up on time, having things organized for the following day and, of course, teaching them to do the same. We started off the morning fairly well, me being determined to set a good and positive tone. Tony took the day off so we had him here to help move things along. We managed to get out the door on time, with only one meltdown from Cooper on what shirt he was going to wear (he and I didn't agree - he won - some battles aren't worth fighting). And we even had time for first day photos - an annual tradition. Officially this wasn't Tag's first day but he had to wear his backpack nonetheless. Apparently he thought he was going to school because as we walked and we failed to turn the corner which leads us to his school he looked at me with questiong eyes. "How come I'm not going to school, Mom?" I explained to him he has to wait until Thursday and he was okay with that. I have to mention that in the above photo I am telling him to 'smile nice'. Through those clenched teeth and cheesy grin he is saying "I am smiling".