Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let's try this again (& FPOTM-June)

The boys attempt at camping out in the backyard last night ended about 10:15pm when they both sheepishly came inside and decided to sleep in Hudson's room instead. This morning when I asked them about it they both tried to blame the other one for chickening out. I also heard something about raccoons. They were going to try it again tonight but Hudson's buddy wasn't allowed so he recruited his little sister.
She came in crying at about 10:00 saying she was afraid but I dried her tears and convinced her to give it one more try for Hudson's sake, who was already asleep. So she did and now (one hour later) they are both sound asleep. I have a feeling that they will both be very proud of themselves come morning. As long as they make it that long. This photo is also the FPOTM for June.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Cooper and Daniel.....making soldier scenes in the sand. I was given strict instructions that I needed to take pictures from all angles as to get in all the details. Reagan and Kira, joined at the hip most days, today even dressed the same.

Hudson and Kyle having a campout in the backyard (slushies need to stay outside the tent, we decided)

Taggart didn't make it in front of the camera today. I don't think he stayed in one place long enough. He just darts around from one group to the other - whoever wants him around at the time.
So thankful for good friends for the kids. All of them enjoying their buddies, sometimes all together and sometimes off in pairs, just doing their thing.

Today was one of those days when everyone had a friend (or two) and they all hung out outside all day long. A good day!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

School's out for the summer...

...and we are thrilled.
No more early mornings, no more homework, no more lunches to pack (that's a big one), and we are all welcoming the change that summer brings. That's not to say that when September rolls around we (more specifically me) will be happy for school to return.
But for now, here's how we celebrated:
We hung our head out the window and yelled at anyone who was walking by.
We made our own sidewalk chalk paint
and made a huge mess on the driveway.
We shot a few hoops
and I even had time to enjoy a good book with a glass of wine in the sun.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sports Day

One on the blue team, one on the red team, one on the yellow team, and one trying to support them all.
We were optimistic this morning as I painted their faces in support of their teams. But by the end of the morning most of the color had washed down their cheeks. Eventhough the rain fell all day and the afternoon activities for the older grades were cancelled they all still had a lot of fun.Go Hudson Go!
Such a good little spectatorLove how Tag justs fits in with Cooper and all his friends. He hangs out with them and they don't seem to mind in the least. And the girls all think he's pretty cute so I'm sure that doesn't hurt Cooper either.This is the "it's way too cold out here to eat a popsicle" face

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Beach

I know, I know, two posts in two days. I said I would get better, didn't I?

Today Taggart and I headed out to Crescent Beach in White Rock to join Reagan's class on a field trip. (Cooper went fishing and Hudson went to Minter Gardens, but when they all go on a field trip on the same day the one to bring home the notice first gets me.) The weather cooperated though the wind did get a little chilly at times. As far as field trips go this was a really easy one. We just plunked ourselves down in our chairs on the sand and just watched the kids play all around us. Watching Reagan and Tag run around with all their little buddies laughing and having such a great time I couldn't help but think if they will ever remember this day. Probably not, but days like this one shape their childhood into something good and that they will remember.The beach was so crowded - there were so many other school groups. But they all cleared out at around 1:00 and then we had almost the whole beach to ourselves. Reagan travelled on the bus in the morning but then she came home with Tag and I so we could stay a little longer.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Catching up

Always the easiest way to catch everything up is to post it all in photos. So much has happened and we are definitely in the home stretch to wrapping it all up. I can feel us all starting to breath a little easier.

Wednesday night - Taggart's preschool graduation. A little emotional for me as we have been with those preschool teachers for 6 years. Such great teachers and I will miss them.Just minutes after this photo was taken, poor Nana had a fall. She missed a step and went down on her ankle. Her and I spent the evening in the emergency room but luckily it was just a sprain and she is healing up pretty quickly. Never a dull moment. :)Thursday - Reagan's class put on a presentation for the parents in one room of the school while Cooper's Grade 5 graduation was going on in the gym. Taggart and I ran back and forth trying not to miss too much of either one.Saturday - Reagan spent all morning on the floor of her bedroom, with Hannah Montana on the CD player, with her art supplies spread out in front of her. Well over two hours I think. Which made my time spent at Ikea the other night picking out the perfect art table and accessories for her room so much more worth it. I wasn't totally sure that she would go up there by herself and work but I know now that she will. Today after school she spent quite a time up there just organizing her supplies. She's a girl after my own heart, that's for sure.Saturday afternoon - a party with all of her closest friends (16 of them to be exact). We rented a room with a bouncy castle, tumbling mats, crafts, etc. We served hotdogs, chips and cupcakes. Typical birthday party fare.She blew out her candles.Saturday evening. A bbq dinner for Mary, Rochelle, Jake, Nana, our friend Rich and his daughter Sophie (one of the guest at the party). An ice cream sandwich cake for dessert. She blows out her candles... again.Setting up her art table Saturday night. It was very late and Cooper was all ready for bed when he discovered what we were doing. He was determined to help. A robe might have been a good idea. We snuck the whole set-up into her room while she was sleeping and she woke up to it on Sunday morning.The fresh face of seven - Sunday morning.
Lots of love all around. A pink basketball from Cooper.
A paper beading book from Hudson.
A one piece bathing suit from Taggart. (not shown) She has been asking for a 1-piece for months and I kept discouraging her, saying that two-pieces are way better, more comfortable, easier to move in, etc. But she insisted so we got her one for her birthday. She tried it on today for the first time and after a few minutes proceeded to take it off and change into her two-piece. 'Not comfortable' she said. Take note - Mom's are always right. Money and some crafting supplies from Nana.
Oma and Opa came to share dessert with us on Sunday evening. They brought Reagan a card with one of Opa's now famous drawings in it and some money. But the sweetest present in my opinion? - Opa let Reagan paint his toenails. He didn't even want me to paint my own when I was her age. There is definitely something special about a grandparent-grandchild relationship.
And Reagan blows out her candles for the third and final time of her birthday weekend extravaganza. A big old-fashioned ice cream sundae.

We didn't forget it was Father's Day - we have just postponed it a week. Reagan took priority, as I know she always will. We are blessed to have this beauty in our lives. Happy Birthday Reagan!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


24 - hours in a day

48 - hours I need in a day

7 - number of teacher gifts to make - 3 down, 4 to go.

5 - days of school until summer vacation - Yipee!!!

7 - how old Reagan is turning on Sunday. SEVEN!!!!

4 - loads of laundry waiting to be folded

3 - number of Oreos I ate today, but the day's not over

Sorry for the bad blogging - I'll be back soon. July is now only 12 days away.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hooray for the underdogs

Roller hockey season ended this week for Cooper and Hudson. I haven't brought the camera to one game. The kids really all look the same in those helmets and the big concrete gym is far from idea for photo-taking.

But tonight was different.

Last night they both played their playoff games. Three games to see who would advance to the final game tonight. Cooper's team had done pretty well all season so we thought they had a pretty good chance of going to the final. Hudson's team, on the other hand, had a record of 1 & 9 and no one thought, including Hudson, that there was any chance of them playing tonight.

It ended up that Cooper's team lost all 3 games last night and that was the end for them. Cooper was very disappointed. Hudson 's team won 2 out of 3 games and Hudson even scored a goal and they advanced to tonight's game. So needless to say, Hudson was very excited and he talked about it all the way home in the truck. Hudson is usually a quiet little guy so for him to talk this much I knew how thrilled he was. I loved when he said "Winning is way more exciting when you hardly ever do it."

So tonight we all went to watch and cheer Hudson on. It was a great game and very close but unfortunately they lost by one goal. Hudson didn't even seem to care that they lost. He came off with a big smile on his face, proud of himself and happy with his medal for second place. And I brought the camera because I love to cheer for the underdogs.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today I joined Reagan's class on a field trip to the Vancouver Aquarium. It was a very fun and busy day. Lots to see in a short amount of time. The highlight for Reagan was undoubtedly the brand new baby beluga whale born only two days ago. They wouldn't let us get too close just yet so it really made me want to go back this summer with all the kids. Reagan always tends to do so well at those kinds of things. All around me there are kids complaining, wanting to go home, crying because they can't see what they want to see. She is always so easy going and enjoys the moment. I sure love that about her. The only tears were when she dropped her little box of Smarties in the garbage by mistake, and since she had brought 5 other little boxes to share with all the kids in our group and they all still had theirs, I really couldn't blame her. Luckily, the other Mom I was with (a friend of mine) had an extra box in her bag and shared it with Reagan.

Monday, June 8, 2009

City mouse, country mouse

Leni and I experienced it all this weekend and I can't really say which I enjoyed more. When I found out she was coming home I immediately knew I wanted to have some quality one on one time with her so I booked us into the Sutton Hotel in downtown Vancouver for one night. What would be the chances that on that same weekend, our four brothers would be having their annual fishing weekend at Rudy's cabin in Lac Le Jeune. So what are two sisters to do but go crash the boy party. Actually, we were invited, on some matters of family importance. (it's a hard transition to make when you have to start taking care of your parents, rather than the other way around) But all the seriousness aside, we had such a great time and the boys made us girls feel more than welcome. They served us wine by the lake and cooked us a great dinner over an open flame. Nevermind the fact that this was somewhat a momentous occasion, as the six of us have never really spent any time together without spouses, kids, etc. And who knows if it will ever happen again (eventhough the idea of crashing their weekend annually did come up).

So after a day and night in the city, where Leni and I chatted, ate, shopped, chatted, drank a little wine, shopped, ate and drank a little more wine we headed to the country to do more of the same (just replace shopping with fishing). I know I will cherish this weekend in my memories for a long time. Some great conversations and the reminder that the safety and comfort of family can't be easily replaced, at least not for me. Thanks guys.

In our hotel room
Around the fireMy friend, Chip
Cooking our dinner
A call from Tina while on the boat
Rudy and Willi in a showdown. This was a bit of a weekend of the cameras. Photos of people taking photos of people taking photos.A moment in time