Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today I joined Reagan's class on a field trip to the Vancouver Aquarium. It was a very fun and busy day. Lots to see in a short amount of time. The highlight for Reagan was undoubtedly the brand new baby beluga whale born only two days ago. They wouldn't let us get too close just yet so it really made me want to go back this summer with all the kids. Reagan always tends to do so well at those kinds of things. All around me there are kids complaining, wanting to go home, crying because they can't see what they want to see. She is always so easy going and enjoys the moment. I sure love that about her. The only tears were when she dropped her little box of Smarties in the garbage by mistake, and since she had brought 5 other little boxes to share with all the kids in our group and they all still had theirs, I really couldn't blame her. Luckily, the other Mom I was with (a friend of mine) had an extra box in her bag and shared it with Reagan.


mary said...

Of course the 'lost candy' would make her cry - it's Reagan!!!

Reagan - you were so lucky to see the baby beluga (were you singing that song when you saw it?) I bet she was so cute. I love your 'bubble-head' photo.
Only 11 days until your birthday!!!
Love, Aunty Mary

Sonya said...

What a fun field trip. I remember doing that one when I was a kid way back when Stanley Park had a full zoo.