Friday, June 12, 2009

Hooray for the underdogs

Roller hockey season ended this week for Cooper and Hudson. I haven't brought the camera to one game. The kids really all look the same in those helmets and the big concrete gym is far from idea for photo-taking.

But tonight was different.

Last night they both played their playoff games. Three games to see who would advance to the final game tonight. Cooper's team had done pretty well all season so we thought they had a pretty good chance of going to the final. Hudson's team, on the other hand, had a record of 1 & 9 and no one thought, including Hudson, that there was any chance of them playing tonight.

It ended up that Cooper's team lost all 3 games last night and that was the end for them. Cooper was very disappointed. Hudson 's team won 2 out of 3 games and Hudson even scored a goal and they advanced to tonight's game. So needless to say, Hudson was very excited and he talked about it all the way home in the truck. Hudson is usually a quiet little guy so for him to talk this much I knew how thrilled he was. I loved when he said "Winning is way more exciting when you hardly ever do it."

So tonight we all went to watch and cheer Hudson on. It was a great game and very close but unfortunately they lost by one goal. Hudson didn't even seem to care that they lost. He came off with a big smile on his face, proud of himself and happy with his medal for second place. And I brought the camera because I love to cheer for the underdogs.


mary said...

Way to go Hudson.
Nice medal!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Hudson!! Love the medal and you are right to be proud of your achievement! Love, Aunty Leni