Monday, April 30, 2007

Hooray for the little things

Rough start today. Feeling like I'm spending a lot of time getting after Cooper lately and this morning was no exception. Hate that feeling of sending him off to school that way. After Tag and I got home from school I looked around at all the stuff I had to do so I picked up my cup of tea and said "Tag - wanna go play outside?" My messy house will still be there tomorrow but the sunshine may not. So while Tag scootered around I drank my cup of tea and thought about Cooper and how time goes so fast. My neighbor came home and we hung out outside for a while and then I asked her if she could watch Reagan and Tag for a while and I went and picked Cooper up at school and took him out for lunch. He was so happy to see me and we had a good little chat. He must have said 'thanks, mom' about 10 times. Sometimes it's hard to connect with them one on one because of the chaos that is life. So glad it was sunny this morning and that it pulled me outside to stop and think about what's important. By the way, this sunny little bouquet is what Tag and Reagan picked for me on the way home from preschool. Makes me smile.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Happy Friday!

This has been the week of playdates. Very social children this week. Yesterday I said please no playdates today - let's all just come home and be 'us'. They weren't too excited by that but they did it. Just picked Reagan up at school and guess what - playdate. But, really it's good. It keeps them busy and if I'm making lunch anyway - what's one more.

Talked to Leni this week. Always love it when she calls. Eventhough I think of her often, after talking to her on the phone she always seems to stick in my mind that much more. Realize how much I miss her. Love to be able to just get on a plane whenever I wanted. So thankful for such ways as this blog though, to stay connected, for her to see photos of the kids and read about little bits of our life. Love you. Leni.
Got some new chalk this week(something good from the infamous trip to Superstore). The pink is already gone after only two uses. Who needs make-up when you've got chalk.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lazy Saturday

Finally finished folding the laundry that's been sitting in the living room for two days. Took Cooper and Hudson to the comic book store and out for lunch while Tony stayed home with Reagan and Tag. When we got home he was playing SuperDad to not only our two but the two from next door - feeding them snacks and showing them movies. I was actually going to head down to Bellingham to hit the scrapbook store this afternoon but the border line-ups were crazy. I have about $100 in gift certificates that I am itching to spend so maybe tomorrow morning. Kids are all outside enjoying the day and we are heading downstairs to Nana's in a few minutes for the hockey game and fish-n-chips.

Like I said, lazy Saturday, just like I like them. New scrapbook magazine in the mail this week so I am really feeling inspired to sit down at my space and create. Maybe tonight after the kids are in bed.

The shirt Tag is wearing used to be Tony's. His favorite, he remembers. Tony's Mum dragged it out last weekend during the hockey game while Tony was telling the boys about the Peter Puck cartoon they used to play during the games when he was a kid. So cute. Somewhere there is a photo of Tony wearing this shirt that now I will have to find. Of course - that will be a great scrapbook layout.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Worthy of sharing...

If you saw Ellen today then you already know this but I thought this bit of information was useful enought to share. If you ever forget what side of the vehicle the gas tank is on then worry no more. See that little arrow beside the gas tank symbol - it points to the side that it's on. WOW. I'm pretty sure not many people know that. Well that's it for today.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I remember now...

why we call it StupidStore. I took a nice long break from the Real Canadian SuperStore but for some reason decided today that I should try it again. I always under budget the time that it actually takes to get through the store. There are so many distractions, like clothes, shoes, toys, household items that by the time Taggart was completely tired of sitting in the cart I had not one item in it that was actually on my list. Not to mention that these same carts take a dollar, not a quarter like every other store, that of which I never have so I have to hang out in the parking lot waiting for someone to come by that I think looks friendly enough to give my a loonie for the change I scrounged out of the van. So now I have 25 minutes to get groceries, stand in line, pack my groceries, and get to prescool in time to pick up Reagan. I don't know what I was thinking but I actually attempted this. I finally get to the checkout which are of course all lined up with 4 or 5 people. The next till over, I see another preschool Mom trying to attempt the impossible. I call over to her - "are we going to make it?" "no chance" she says. But she's already got half of her stuff on the belt so she's stuck. It's taken me an hour and a half to get through this store and collect all this stuff and now I have no choice but to leave it all behind. I find someone and ask if I can leave the cart and come back for it. "Okay" he says looking at me as if I'm completely scatterbrained - which I am. So now I drive to preschool(all the way across town) just to drive all the way back there to retireve my groceries. But of course as I 'm driving I remember things I've forgotten to get, I was in a bit of a hurry. So now, instead of just paying and getting out of there, I return into the abyss. Before doing so , the helpful guy who held my cart for me tells me he has a coupon for $30 back if you spend $250. Not thinking I am anywhere near that I stuff it into my pocket. Second time through the checkout - $234.76. SOOOO close. Now I am thinking if I buy only $15 worth I get $30 for free. Can't pass that up, can I? So I enter the store for the third time. Pick up a couple of t-shirts for Reagan and through the till again - give the girl my coupon and my previous receipt and she says "I think it has to be $250 before tax" Well, the look on my face must have been enough to tell her that she should really just get me out of the store, because before I knew it there was a supervisor there giving her overrides, handing me money and sending me on my way. I think they were just as glad to see me go as I was to leave.

At dinner Tony asks "What did you do today?" When I answered"spent the day at Stupid Store", oddly enough he didn't even ask for an explanation. Please let me remember this experience the next time I think Superstore would be a good place to do my shopping.
And because every post is better with a photo here is one of my little family on a much happier day.
Love you guys!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Playoff fever

We are not a huge hockey family but when the Canucks are in the playoffs how can you help but get into it. Tony was at Wednesday's game and the boys really wanted to watch it. I let them watch the 1st period but it was a school night so that was it. Cooper complained because he has 'never watched a whole entire game'.
"What about the game Dad took you to?"
"Oh...ya. Well, okay but never a whole game that was on TV."
Wednesday's game went into 4 overtimes and didn't end until after 12:30 so it's a good thing that isn't the game I let him watch the whole thing. Tony got home at 2am and got up again for work at 4am. If anyone read his comment the other day, you now understand.
Anyways, tonight the game starts at six and it's Friday - so it's hockey night.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Had a nice night out with Tony on Monday night. It doesn't happen too often so it's always nice to get out together without the kids to worry about. Did a bit of shopping(will get into that later) and then had dinner at Milestone's. NotTony's favorite but he went for me - aaaawwwww :) I had the potato and corn chowder - one of my favorites. "good soup?' he asks as I all but licked out the bowl. I really don't get out much.
Now, back to the shopping. This is a tip for all of you that don't already know - when the sales girls laughs at you, yes laughs, as you come out of the change room it is not a good sign. I had on some sort of shirt/dress thing, gathered, and cute on the mannequin. Granted, it was hideous but did she need to laugh, yes laugh. To my benefit she did say that she hasn't seen one person yet to try it on and look good in it but did she need to laugh, yes laugh. Needless to say, I took that off quickly and tried on some jean bermuda shorts. "Cute", I thought. Helpful Salesgirl says "well....they're not awful." That is when I proceeded to get dressed in my own clothes and head for the door. they're not awful - who says that. I really think she needs to find a new line of work - I thought the idea was that they actually want you to walk out with something purchased. I like those shorts and will go back for them, of course making sure I don't ask Helpful Salesgirl the way to the fitting room.
I went home with nothing for me but stuff for the kids. They are more fun to buy for - it always fits and even if it doesn't they look great anyway.
Thanks to all who commented on the new hair - I'm still not sure so my friend/neighbor/stylist has booked me in tomorrow night to add some "funky" highlights. She says she's going to make me love it. We'll see.
Happy Wednesday.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter recap

Winding up Easter weekend today with a clean-up around the house - the kids are thrilled.
We enjoyed a good weekend - here's the breakdown:
1. Friday was spent here with Nana, Mary and her kids. We spent the afternoon coloring eggs, hanging out in the sunshine. taggart loved the hunt for eggs where he was looking for all the orange eggs. Every kid gets a color to look for to avoid any confusion.
2. Saturday we hung around outside while Tony planted all his new trees and such. For dinner we headed to Pat and Henry's for Easter dinner. Willi, Brenda, Naomi and Anita came from Edmonton, David and Brittanie were here from Portland and of course everyone else - 32 in total. Fantastic food, another hunt for the kids, and a nice time visiting with family.
3. Sunday - nothing formal, just us. Tony planted more in the garden, he keeps surprising me as his love for gardening seems to grow and grow(no pun intended). We went for a walk in the trails, where the Easter Bunny seemed to know we were coming (wink) and the kids had a third and final hun. Ended up at the playground to burn off some energy before we headed home for pizza.
4. Tony headed back to work today while me and the kids enjoyed our last dayof the long weekend. He must still be feeling in weekend mode as well because he called me this morning to ask me on a date. Meeting him in Langley for a bit of shopping and dinner. Nana was kind of enough to say yes to watching the crew. Thanks, Nana.

Good weekend!!

Friday, April 6, 2007

I had a whole post typed out yesterday, along with photos and everything of the last week. (It's been far too long since I last blogged) Anyway, life happened and I lost the whole thing. I don't have the energy to re-type all that so a quick update: Cooper's birthday happened, SNOW happened, 20* sunshine happened and this happened:
What made me do this - you ask? I really have no idea. I guess I was in the mood for a change and I figured either do it or don't. I'm still not sure and the kids are freaking out a little. It's just hair right - I can always go back.
On another note - Easter festivities begin today. We will color some eggs here in few mintues and then anxiously await the arrival of Aunty Mary and the kids for Easter Egg hunts and other fun.
By the way if anybody out there is reading this and doesn't comment on this one then I don't know what measures I need to take :)
Happy Easter!