Thursday, May 31, 2007

Had dinner with our neighbors last night. Nice, simple BBQ in the backyard. Tony managed to sit down for a little while to eat his burger and have a beer. He has gardening projects on the go and his projects are always big ones. Eventhough I sometimes wish he spent a little more time just relaxing the yard looks great and continues to get better. He enjoys it so much and it is a good release for him. Whatever he does, he always does well. Love our yard, Tony.

(Kid Quote of the Day) COOPER:Today at school there were two bees on Marshall's sock and they were mating. HUDSON: What's mating? (me: sweating a little) COOPER: Getting married! (me: Whew)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Colorful centerpiece

I have always loved the look of art supplies. As a kid a new box of crayons, all perfectly sharpened was bliss. When I saw an idea similar to this online the other day, I thought I had to duplicate. The kids love it even more than I thought. I lined the kitchen table with brown kraft paper and the tray of colorful goodies has made them happy. It even quiets them down in those frantic last minutes before dinner is ready and they are all hungrly and cranky. Can't ask for more than that. The candy was added for extra color but I'm not sure how long I can keep refilling those. Apparently, will power is something they have not yet learned. Hooray for new ideas that prove to be a success. I think this will grace our kitchen table for a long time.

Today was garbage day again and we were outside when the truck came by. The look on his face when he hears it coming is so priceless. The guy is so nice to Tag and they have become total buds. He got to push the button on the truck again to make the conveyer move and he honks his horn at Tag. This is such a fun thing in Taggart's life right now that I want it kept in our memories. I would so love to get it on video but feel a little silly recording the garbage man.

I am still adding layouts to my gallery constantly and am happy about that. Now that all the TV shows are ending for the summer I hope to get off the couch in the evening and back to my scrap table more often to add even more. I love seeing comments on my layouts from people I don't even know but share the same passion. I so love this hobby.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy, Happy Saturday!

I'm off this morning for a day of some retail therapy and fun with girlfriends. My three friends/nieghbors and are heading south for a girls day. Been looking forward to this day for weeks. We'll start Starbucks for some fuel and then we'll hit the outlets and then the mall.
Tony is geared up(I hope) for a day with the kids. They have been wanting to do a 'sleepover' together in one room for a while so last night was the night. Well, I don't think they fell asleep until 10, very late for my kids. And they were all up at 7 this morning, except Reagan. So I'm really hoping that they are all not grumpy and tired today for Dad.
Train leaves at 8 so off I go :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Three Piggie Opera

Started off this morning with a live showing of the Three Piggie Opera. I'm sure you've all heard of it :). Reagans' preschool class was performing it for the whole school and we, of course, went to watch. (we being the 3 boys and me - Tony unfortunately had to miss it). Reagan had the all important role of the 3rd piggie(the smartest one that built with bricks in case you are not familiar with the story). She did so well - not letting her little piggie mask waver even once. So proud of her.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

First picnic of the season

Tonight we had a spur of the moment Tuesday night picnic at the park. No reason but that the weather was nice and Tony suggested it. He often does this - calls from work and says lets take the kids somewhere tonight. I had a pork roast in the crock pot and my bread machine going for buns. So we through in a bag of potato chips and some juice boxes, called Nana along for the ride and off we went. Somehow food always tastes better outside. A walk on the trails for the boys, a playground for Reagan, a game of catch for Tag and Nana, and a blanket in the sun for me. Can't ask for much more.

The long weekend provided little entertainment this time around. It rained and Tony got strep throat. The highlight was Monday night dinner at not one, not two, but three McDonalds. This apparently is what you do when your kids really, really want a particular SHREK toy and every restaurant seems to be giving out a different one. How did I know this, you ask. Before we left I made 7 phonecalls to find out. Above and beyond the call of duty, I say. But they were all happy and someday they'll thank me or maybe forget it ever happened. Either one.

And lastly for any American Idol watchers - Go Blake! I know there are at least a couple Blaker Girls out there who may be reading this.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

New found energy

I think this warmer weather has brought me new energy. I have been completely coaght up on laundry this week and I've been baking cookies and today I thought I would attempt baking buns. Don't be too impressed - because I used the bread machine and they still didn't turn out. They look like little baseballs. I told my neighbor, who always seems to know everything about everything and she says "do you keep your yeast in the fridge?" No, I don't - didn't know you had to. Feeling a little defeated but tomorrow I will go buy new yeast and try again. What my new burst of energy hasn't allowed me to do is scrapbook. Really, really want to and everyday I say after the kids go to bed I will sit down at my table and create. But so far the couch has looked too comfy and I end up there instead until I crash an hour later. Tonight Tony won't be home so I will get the kids to bed on time and have a couple of hours. Off to school now to pick up the boys.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Had a fun weekend. Tony and I had a great day Saturday. We wandered around the city, had coffee(see photo), shopped a bit and a had a nice dinner. We wanted to see a movie but there was nothing good playing so we ended up being home before ten. That was a good thing though because Sunday was a full day. Mother's Day started with a little sleep in for me and then four little faces in my bed. Each of them holding a little treat for me. Crafts and cards made at school from the boys, a colored picture from Reagan(she also spoiled me on Friday with a pedicure at the preschool Mother's Day Tea), and from Tag a gift card for the spa - thanks Tony. We had a pizza lunch here with my Mom and Dad, John and Christine, Henry and Scott. Spent some time at the nursery buying plants for the garden in the afternoon with Tony's Mum. Then Tony made dinner for all of us and we ended the night with the 'funny show' (aka America's Funniest Videos), a Sunday night tradition. A really nice day. I realized how lucky I am the next day when I heard from a few Mum's at school who really got nothing special on the day. Tony always tries to make days like that special - I think he knows Father's Day is coming so he sets the bar high :)

Well, off to watch House - my new favorite show. Good night.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Came across this website recently and thought I would share. It has been a few interesting reads about what people believe on varied topics. In turn, making me think about the same statement. this I believe... It's still a lot of unanaswered questions for me but - this I believe - people are generally good.
Tony and I found a wallet recently while out on a walk. There was no address inside only a student ID card which showed he went to a local highschool. We took the wallet home and the next day I called the school to let the owner know that we had it. He called the next day with very broken english to see where we lived so he could come and pick it up. He arrived an hour later with his Mom and a large pepperoni pizza. He gave us the pizza in exchange for his wallet.

Today as my dad and I stood outside on our driveway an elderly couple walked up and tol us they had lost their way. They had an address written on a piece of paper. I knew where it was and tried to explain it to them but they spoke hardly any english and I could tell he didn't understand me. Dad was leaving anyway so he told them to get into his car, he would drive them there. They seemed so grateful and relieved.

Two fairly insignificant incidents but they speak to me that the world is full of good people. We hear so much about the bad. I talk to so many Moms who seem so scared for their families and what 'might' happen. But I want to teach my kids to see the good in people, something I've always thought that I do. Think the best and possibly be disappointed or see the worst and miss out on so much. I think it's an easy choice. I know that I still need to be aware and teach my kids to be cautious and safe. But my bottom line is that people are generally good and I think that attitude can have a massive effect on my life.

Been thinking about that a lot lately and felt I needed to post.

On a completely different note, it's 'date day' tomorrow for me and my man. So, so, so looking forward to a day in the city walking around, enjoying a Starbucks and having uninterrupted conversation. No real plans of what we are going to do - just heading to Vancouver and see where the day takes us. A day to re-energize, a week would be better, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

Yesterday was date night for Reagan. Tony took her to out for dinner. She was so very, very excited. This is her eating her strawberry sundae.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Happy, sunny Monday

Today I am so happy that it is warm outside. It was very hard to get all the kids to come in from the yard to get them into baths and bed. Love this feeling of summer coming. My house, on the other hand is suffering - badly. Tomorrow is the day - Clean house day. I have to do it before it crawls away. My plan is to work like crazy all morning and then feel so good that it's all done. I need to make a list so I can have the satisfaction of checking things off. A Spring Cleaning List. Job #1 for tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. As for right now - the house is quiet - kids are all in bed and Tony is playing soccer. So many things I want to do but I think with this warm weather I'm in need of a pedicure - self-given but none the less a pedicure.