Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hooray, hooray, it's garbage day!

Taggart loves the garbage truck - he always hears it coming way before I do. Today was no exception. We happened to be outside one day when he came and he let Taggart push the 'big green button' which makes the big conveyer belt move and squish all the garbage. Very exciting, as you can imagine. Next time he honked his big horn at Tag. Now they are buddies and he looks for Taggart in the window and always gives him a wave. Yay for small things that brighten our day.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shopping, accidents & cookies

My life really does consist of more than just the weather but I feel like I have to go on again about the fact that it's no longer raining. Kids outside after school and after dinner is such a wonderful thing. So love this time of year. And for some reason this time of year also makes me want to shop. So Tag and I hit the mall today to check out the sales. Did well at the Gap - 5 pairs of pants, one t-shirt, and one zip-up sweatshirt for $120. All for the kids of course. I made Tag sit through me trying on umpteen pairs of pants as well but with no luck. He was patient with the promise of an Orange Julius at the end. After our shopping we headed to Mom and Dad's to pick up Reagan who had spent the night. Tag had an accident there and as I was trying to figure out how I was going to get him home without any pants, I remembered the pants I had just bought. I was definitely meant to shop today. They were dry and new, but still too big as we soon discovered. Everytime he moved they fell down. Reagan thought it was hilarious and as he proceeded to run down the hallway to the elevator I really had to join her in laughing at him. He ran and ran, pulling them up all the way - finally giving up only to find them down around his ankles. He stops, looks down - AAAWWWW!!!!! Mom, my pants fell down!!! Of course he's going commando becase of the previous mentioned accident so it really makes it all the funnier. Anyways, we got home and pinned them and then proceeded to to a 'run test' to make sure it was safe to go outside.


(the jacket is new too - so cute - love, love chocolate brown)

On a completely other note - am really enjoying these cinnamon snaps Simple Pleasures cookies right now. They are so perfect with a cup of a tea at the end of the day. On my third box. Maybe that's why I had no luck trying on pants today.
Thought I'd share that little bit of my life.
Enjoy the sun - did I mention I love Spring:)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Amazing day today. Clear and sunny and warm. Well, pretty warm. Of course the kids went back to school today. We survived our very wet Spring Break. After school, everyone was out. So funny how we see our neighbors everyday, literally, during the summer and then we go months without in the winter. Love our neighborhood - so fun hanging out watching the kids play. Such a tease for summer today. Kids in the backyard, Tony home from work and working on the yard. I had to take a moment just to sit on the deck with a cup of tea and soak in the warmth. Rolled up my jeans, tossed my socks and broke in my new Crocs. Never thought I would be a Croc wearer but when I saw the new Mary Janes in chocolate brown I just had to have them. Been wearing them all day.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Art day

After my big clean and organize in the boys room I pulled the easel out of the corner and cleaned it up. Thought it would be put to much better use downstairs. Anyways they all thought that why not use it right now, so they all did. And then the pastels came out too and they all had a go at that. The rain is not letting up so we are keeping ourselves busy in other ways. Have to say I love it when they all get into the arts and crafts stuff. Watching them create and be proud of their finished product. Of course I'm always left witha nice mess to clean up - come to think of it maybe that's why the easel went into the corner in the first place.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy rainy Monday

Torrential rain today - we are having a complete inside day. We are into our 2nd week of Spring Break and the weather is definitely not cooperating. Taking the day to sort and organize the boys room. Cooper and Hudson have been helping me sort out about a gazillion Lego pieces back into their right color bin. Dad built some great bookshelves for their room so now we have no excuse not to get organized. I need to find the right size bins though. Reagan has got Kira over and they keep putting on 'shows' for us to come watch. But when we go they get shy and chicken out. The boys got tired of the giant Lego sort so we came down for snacks and we will leave the rest for tomorrow. Don't have to cook dinner tonight - going to Nana's. Love, love that. Always such a relief in the day when dinner is taken care of.
Bye for now.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Feeling some Spring

Love this time of year. Daylight savings time started this week - three weeks earlier than usual. Even thought we have seen a lot of rain this week it still feels good to have daylight after dinner to take a quick walk down to the track. Hudson spent his birthday money on roller blades so Thursday night we went down for a quick lesson. He did really good and didn't get discouraged - which I was a little worried about.

Went out with Jen and Melinda(highschool friends) on Friday night for a movie and a coffee. Nice to get out of the house after being in most of the week. Tag is doing so great. He is basically out of diapers except for night. Even made it through a long car ride to Vancouver yesterday. We all went to Mary's for Jake's birthday dinner. Kids had a great time as usual. Got home at around 9:00 and dragged 4 very tired(some already asleep) kids to bed and then Tony and I sat down to watch a bit of TV and relax.

Tony: What is that? Do you hear that?
Me: No(not unusual for me)
5 minutes later
Tony: There it is again. Do you hear that- somethings beeping.
Me: I don't know.
Tony: I think it's that Tomagatchi thing. (birthday present for Hudson from Aunty Mary)
Me: Great - another electronic thing beeping at us that I have no idea how to work. Thanks, Mary.
So very tired of trying how to moniter all the many screens that seem ot take over our lives and the lives of the kids. Sometimes I am so tempted to turn them all off for good - but then of course I never want the rules to apply to me. Getting ready now to watch the "funny show"(aka America's Funniest Videos) a favorite of the kids. Sunday night tradition - nice way to end the weekend.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I need to go!

Who would have thought that those 4 words could make me so happy. Leaps and bounds today. So proud of my little guy. He really 'got it' this afternoon and got great big cheers from me. He is definitely the man of the day. Feeling so energized to get up and do all this again tomorrow.

Had to post a shot of his other side as well. Tony said it looks like he is wearing a shower cap but hopefully he can get rid of those plastic pants soon and show off his Curious George underwear that he is so proud of.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Day 3 of spring training...

...aka potty training. I remember now why I hate this part of being a Mom. Not the greatest day, I was really feeling like either he wasn't getting it or I was a bad teacher but then this evening three times in a row. Yeah, Taggart! Tomorrow we start again and hope for more improvement. Baby steps.
Not a very exciting Spring Break for the others - we are sticking pretty close to home. I'll have to think of a little something we can do at the end of the two weeks - something for them. Love how they all cheer Tag on when he has a successful 'potty moment'.

New addition to my blog today. Check out 'my gallery' for all my latest creations.
Bye for now.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Another tooth story

The tooth fairy is becoming very familiar with our house this week. Took Hudson to the dentist today to have two of his baby teeth pulled. He wasn't nervous but I was enough for both of us. He did great in the chair until he saw me - looking so sad with the rolled up gauze sticking out both sides of his mouth like walrus tusks. Anywas, 3 hours later of him freaking out every time he saw blood on his tissue he seems completely over it.

Tony is in Toronto and called to see how everyone was. And as I was trying to get Hudson's bloody gauze back in, wiping Tag's runny nose, heating up whatever leftovers I could find for dinner Tony proceeds to read me the room service menu of the 5 star hotel is staying at. "You would probably like this strawberry chocolate tart, don't you think. maybe I'll have the steak." I should have hung up right then and there but I did manage to say goodnight first. Not really feeling sorry for him as he tells me that he is bored - what I would give to be bored in a luxury suite with people bringing me food and the TV all to myself. Please, bring me boring.

Anyways, something that made me laugh today.

Drawing by Hudson for Cooper.

Me: Why do this these two splats of lava have faces on them?
Hudson: that's me and Cooper.
Me: You and Cooper are lava?
Hudson: Yeah(duh!)

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Hudson!

We celebrated with Hudson yesterday. Tony took him out for breakfast - his most favorite meal of the day. He took a box of Timbits to his class and after school came home to build his Mega Blocks pirtae ship we got him. Nana and Oma and Opa came for dinner of waffles(Hudson's fave). He did really well and had a good day. He's not a big cake guy so he requested coconut cream pie for dessert. Tag and Reagan helped him blow out his 7 candles before he even got a chance to make a wish. He definitely crashed at the end of the day and was even too tired to finish his piece of pie.

Going back a day - Reagan's tooth came out without any complications.
Here's the before and after.
She was such a trooper.
The hardest part for me was having her go limp in my arms when they gave her the anasthetic. Got a teeny-tiny taste of what it must be like to have really sick kids that spend time in hospital a lot. So thankful for 4 healthy kids.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Quiet house...

Tony took all 4 kids shopping for my birthday present. He's very brave, I say. The result for me is a deathly quiet house. Not sure what to do with my time. Could fold the three load of laundry sitting here but thought I would blog instead - the laundry can wait.
Yesterday was great. Took Cooper, Hudson and two of Hudson's friends to Science World for his birthday party. He had a great time and we didn't lose anybody - bonus. In the evening I went to Janie's (a friendneighbor) to scrapbook with her. Didn't scrapbook one thing - just hung out and chatted.

Today the camera is out in full force to capture Reagan's full baby tooth smile for the last time. Tomorrow the tooth is being pulled out - in the hospital. She'll be completely under - not too nervous just sad she'll lose her tooth. She, on the other hand, is very excited - first visit from the tooth fairy. I have a feeling she'll score big for this one.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Happy March

This is what we woke up to this morning. I actually love the snow but not so much in March. Ready for winter to be over now. The sun is shining now so it is awfully pretty out there. Have to go and sweep it all off the van before I take Reagan to the dentist for an x-ray. She banged into Kira's head on the tramp the other day and hurt her tooth. It was still hurting three days later so I checked it and it's loose. Since she's only four and not ready to get an adult tooth I'm not thrilled about her having a whole in her mouth for the next two years. Lets keep our fingers crossed that it will tighten up again.

Really into scrapbooking right now - feel like I'm on a creative roll. It usually takes me days to finish a layout. I've done three this week already and it's only Thursday. Love it.