Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mental health day

An all important "Mom" skill is deciding whether or not to send your child to school when they say they are sick. I have been suckered in too many times when they say 'my tummy hurts' or 'it hurts when I swallow', only to have them jumping off furniture right around recess time. I have definitely learned a few things over the years and am not as easily convinced as I once was, much to Taggart's chagrin. Of course, we often joke that the one time that we send them to school is the time when we get the call from the school to say that 'your child just threw up all over little Johnny and you need to come and pick them up.'
But in this house, it is definitely the boys that cry wolf, not the girl. Reagan loves school and never wants to miss it. She has been known to shed a few tears, when the idea of missing class time, even if it might be for a morning at the bowling alley or the wave pool, comes up. So this morning, when she said she wasn't feeling well and that she didn't think she wanted to go to school, I didn't even think to question her. She must be sick. The day progressed without too many symptoms of any serious ailments but yet, the idea of going to school never entered our heads.
Sometimes a day at home with Mom (and a bit of Nana) is just the prescription a little girl needs. Some time to play a few board games, have a cup of tea and do a little crafting with Mom. As long as it doesn't become a habit.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Before and After

This is Hudson before.

Before (technically during) his birthday party sleep over with his friends where they swam for two hours, ate way too much candy, and stayed up way too late. Look how happy (and awake) he is.

This is Hudson after.
This was taken at 9:15 the morning after. His friends were already all up and busy playing video games and Hudson was still out cold. Taggart was doing his best to wake him gently. Definitely not awake, and happy would be stretching it. This is a boy who needs, I mean needs, a solid 10 hours.

A good birthday party is so worth being completely grouchy for the next 24 hours...isn't it? Depends on who you ask.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Our favorite park

I have posted photos from this park before. We love it and we stop there whenever we're in the States and the time and weather allow. Most often it is on our way home and we only stop for a while because it's time to get home. Tony and I always say how we should come down earlier one day and spend the whole afternoon there. And one day we will. But for this day, a short game of catch and then some time spent on the playground was just enough before heading home. Right after we stopped at another favorite spot. El Nopal in Sumas for mexican food. I'll leave the details of that for another post.
Here are a few of my fave shots of the day.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A vanfull

On a rainy Spring Break day
what's a Mom to do
with a bunch of kids
without breaking the bank?
Find another Mom
with another bunch of kids
of course!

On this day, my friend Julie and I packed her van full of kids and enough snacks to keep them satisfied until the end of our adventure, whenever that might be.

Our first stop was Chapters in Langley. They all chose a book and we hung out there about as long as we could before they started tearing the place apart. A pit-stop at Starbucks on our way out to refuel and then everybody back in the van.
We thought the weather would brighten enough that we could stop at a park on our way back home but that didn't happen. Instead we stopped at an old non-working gas station that Julie had spotted as a great 'photo-taking' spot. We, of course, both had our cameras. Can't leave home with out them.
When the kids heard why we had stopped there, there was a collective groan but they obliged and got out of the van. Soon they were running around, posing and modeling for us, even throwing the camera a little attitude, despite the drizzly rain.

Once we had all had our fill of that, it was a quick stop for a few groceries before heading back to our place to feed the whole group homemade pizzas.

A loud and fun-filled evening of pizza and play with our friends. A movie rounded out (and settled down) the day.
A rainy day can be filled with very little when you've got some good friends to share it with. Thanks guys!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break....so far...

We've made some smoothies. Reagan brought home some recipes from Smoothie Week at school and has wanted to try them all out here at home. This one is Very Berry!

Lost two teeth.

A new Archie for Hudson means he sits down and doesn't get up, doesn't talk to (or listen to) anyone until he has finished it. Lots of reading in general for Hudson this week.

Some board games.

Then, one morning there was this beautiful warm glow coming through the front window. Cooper and Taggart immediately lied down in it to soak it up. Not even a little foot in the face could upset this moment.

That warm glow was, of course, the not often seen sun which meant that bike riding was in order that afternoon.

The next day the clouds were back and even a few raindrops but we headed out anyway. I took the kids down to Granville Island and we played for a while before Tony headed over from work to join us.

We hung out there for a while, had some snacks from the market, then headed downtown to explore a little and have dinner.

To round out the week, Tony threw me a great 40th birthday party. He did a great job. Setting a table full of great food and drink. There were flowers and decorations and of course a house full of my family and friends to celebrate with me. A great night and absolutely no effort made by yours truly. Thanks Tony...I won't forget it. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I dedicate this post....

My lovely hosts in Australia deserve much more than just a blog post dedication, but here it goes. These two wined me, dined me, and just generally treated me like royalty for 3 weeks and for that I am very grateful. I will treasure this time with my sister always. Such a blessing to be there with her.

I had plans to blog the rest of my trip, but now that 2 weeks have already passed since I arrived home, i have too much other stuff to update on. Those that are interested will just have to come and visit with me and I will be happy to go through all my photos and relive it for you.

The first week of being home was a bit of a blur. Just trying to get back in the groove of being a Mom. I was so happy to see them all again, but it is so much louder in my house than it is in Leni's. Took some re-adjusting.

The very next weekend we were off again. This time to Seattle for Reagan's skipping competition. It was a birthday weekend (mine on Saturday, Hudson's on Sunday) so we made it a family affair.
Saturday was competition day, therefore spent entirely in the gym. One of my lovely skipping Mom friends brought me a Starbucks halfway through the afternoon and Tony and Cooper went out for treats and brought me back a cupcake.

Thank goodness for iPads and other electronic devices that occupied the boys most of the day.

Not the most comfortable way to spend my birthday, but very rewarding. Reagan took the first place ribbon in her age category for her freestyle routine. She created the whole routine herself and competed against about 40+ girls. Couldn't be more proud of her.

Watch the video of her routine here:

By the time we got to our hotel on Saturday night, it was about 8:00. So a quick swim in the pool and some pizza delivered to our room rounded out my birthday. They all had handmade cards and little presents for me too. Not a bad way to celebrate 40 years.

The next morning we all had a bit of a sleep in and then after birthday presents for Hudson we started getting ready to head out.

We were heading to the Pacific Science Center after finding a late breakfast somewhere. Our hotel was close enough so that we could walk. Tony thought being in Seattle he would have found a Starbucks a little quicker than we did. Hudson soon spotted one though and they all took off running.

After breakfast for everyone we pla yed and explored at the Science Center for the afternoon.

Couldn't have a better birthday buddy!