Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring far...

We've made some smoothies. Reagan brought home some recipes from Smoothie Week at school and has wanted to try them all out here at home. This one is Very Berry!

Lost two teeth.

A new Archie for Hudson means he sits down and doesn't get up, doesn't talk to (or listen to) anyone until he has finished it. Lots of reading in general for Hudson this week.

Some board games.

Then, one morning there was this beautiful warm glow coming through the front window. Cooper and Taggart immediately lied down in it to soak it up. Not even a little foot in the face could upset this moment.

That warm glow was, of course, the not often seen sun which meant that bike riding was in order that afternoon.

The next day the clouds were back and even a few raindrops but we headed out anyway. I took the kids down to Granville Island and we played for a while before Tony headed over from work to join us.

We hung out there for a while, had some snacks from the market, then headed downtown to explore a little and have dinner.

To round out the week, Tony threw me a great 40th birthday party. He did a great job. Setting a table full of great food and drink. There were flowers and decorations and of course a house full of my family and friends to celebrate with me. A great night and absolutely no effort made by yours truly. Thanks Tony...I won't forget it. :)

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Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like a great week so far! The photo of the missing teeth is absolutely freaky! Is that my smiley Tag? Love the photo of Tony and you. Great job on the party Tony!! Still missing you, Leni