Thursday, March 24, 2011

A vanfull

On a rainy Spring Break day
what's a Mom to do
with a bunch of kids
without breaking the bank?
Find another Mom
with another bunch of kids
of course!

On this day, my friend Julie and I packed her van full of kids and enough snacks to keep them satisfied until the end of our adventure, whenever that might be.

Our first stop was Chapters in Langley. They all chose a book and we hung out there about as long as we could before they started tearing the place apart. A pit-stop at Starbucks on our way out to refuel and then everybody back in the van.
We thought the weather would brighten enough that we could stop at a park on our way back home but that didn't happen. Instead we stopped at an old non-working gas station that Julie had spotted as a great 'photo-taking' spot. We, of course, both had our cameras. Can't leave home with out them.
When the kids heard why we had stopped there, there was a collective groan but they obliged and got out of the van. Soon they were running around, posing and modeling for us, even throwing the camera a little attitude, despite the drizzly rain.

Once we had all had our fill of that, it was a quick stop for a few groceries before heading back to our place to feed the whole group homemade pizzas.

A loud and fun-filled evening of pizza and play with our friends. A movie rounded out (and settled down) the day.
A rainy day can be filled with very little when you've got some good friends to share it with. Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

So great! What a fun bunch of kids we have hey! Can't wait for the next "van" adventure maybe this time the drizzle will be replaced with sunshine...buckle your seat belts, you never know where the van will take us next time!

Anonymous said...

That is some real 'tude' happening there man! Leni