Saturday, March 12, 2011

I dedicate this post....

My lovely hosts in Australia deserve much more than just a blog post dedication, but here it goes. These two wined me, dined me, and just generally treated me like royalty for 3 weeks and for that I am very grateful. I will treasure this time with my sister always. Such a blessing to be there with her.

I had plans to blog the rest of my trip, but now that 2 weeks have already passed since I arrived home, i have too much other stuff to update on. Those that are interested will just have to come and visit with me and I will be happy to go through all my photos and relive it for you.

The first week of being home was a bit of a blur. Just trying to get back in the groove of being a Mom. I was so happy to see them all again, but it is so much louder in my house than it is in Leni's. Took some re-adjusting.

The very next weekend we were off again. This time to Seattle for Reagan's skipping competition. It was a birthday weekend (mine on Saturday, Hudson's on Sunday) so we made it a family affair.
Saturday was competition day, therefore spent entirely in the gym. One of my lovely skipping Mom friends brought me a Starbucks halfway through the afternoon and Tony and Cooper went out for treats and brought me back a cupcake.

Thank goodness for iPads and other electronic devices that occupied the boys most of the day.

Not the most comfortable way to spend my birthday, but very rewarding. Reagan took the first place ribbon in her age category for her freestyle routine. She created the whole routine herself and competed against about 40+ girls. Couldn't be more proud of her.

Watch the video of her routine here:

By the time we got to our hotel on Saturday night, it was about 8:00. So a quick swim in the pool and some pizza delivered to our room rounded out my birthday. They all had handmade cards and little presents for me too. Not a bad way to celebrate 40 years.

The next morning we all had a bit of a sleep in and then after birthday presents for Hudson we started getting ready to head out.

We were heading to the Pacific Science Center after finding a late breakfast somewhere. Our hotel was close enough so that we could walk. Tony thought being in Seattle he would have found a Starbucks a little quicker than we did. Hudson soon spotted one though and they all took off running.

After breakfast for everyone we pla yed and explored at the Science Center for the afternoon.

Couldn't have a better birthday buddy!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Loved your routine Reagan and congratulations!!! You deserve to be first. Happy birthday Hudson, looks like you had a good one! Taggart, you are missing some teeth!!! What happened? Coop, love the hoody! Miss you all! Leni

Sonya said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I guess we're all hitting the big 4-0 this year. Good thing we all still look so young. :)