Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time for an update.
We spent the weekend in Canberra where Mark's parents live and for some reason my camera didn't realy come out of my bag much.
Except, that is, when Mark took me for a drive to do some 'roo hunting. Not too far from where his parents live, we took a drive down a country road and very soon we started spotting them. My shots of them are not very good as i didn't have my zoom lens with me but it was very fun to see them all. I could quickly tell that there were literally hundreds of kangaroos all around, hiding in the tall grass and under trees in the distance. Can't come to Australia and not see kangaroos.

On the drive back from Canberra we stopped in at Capernwray in Moss Vale, where I spent 6 months 21 years ago. It was really fun to see it again. Lots of good memories there eventhough it was only 6 months of my life. Not too much had changed there. The pub that we used to sneak to across the street was also still there, so Mark, Leni and I stopped in there for a drink before heading back to Sydney.

Leni and I spent a couple days shopping in Sydney city center. I really enjoyed being in the busy-ness of the city. I could sit there and people watch for hours. It's also such a different looking city from Vancouver, as in the age of the buildings. Really pretty, I think.

Tuesday morning, Leni had arranged to meet some of her friends from the pool where she regularly swims for breakfast. That meant we had to leave the house by 5:30. Yikes!
As we got into the city, we realized that there was something happening at the harbour. There were about 6 helicopters in the air and boats everywhere. We learned that 2 of the largest cruise ships were both coming in to dock that morning. The Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mary 2. There were people everywhere and it made the harbour a very busy place.

Anyways, we had two busy, successful days of shopping. Today we have decided to take a day to relax at home. We were going to take the bus into a nice bakery she know of to have a coffee this afternoon but it all just seemed to be tooo much work. Oh, the hardships when you are on holiday.

This cockatoo graced us with his presence this morning as we had our tea and coffee.

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Jen said...

It seriously freaked me out when you said 21 years ago!!! It seems just like yesterday we were going across the street for chips and a drink. :o) Sounds like you're having an amazing time! Can't wait to hear more about it when you get back.