Friday, February 11, 2011

Blue Mountains

Yesterday Leni and I left early (7:30) to get the train to the Blue Mountains. We first walked 10 minutes or so to the train station by her house to take a train to Central Station and from there took a train to the Blue Mountains. We arrived there around 10:30.

Our first stop was a little town called Leura. We ate breakfast at a very lovely little gourmet food shop with a cafe at the back. I ordered toasted banana bread, served with ricotta cheese, honey and walnuts. This is worth mentioning, as it was soooooo yummy, and I wondered why they don't serve this at home. I am going to bring this idea with me to Canada.
After our breakfast, we spent a couple hours wandering around all the cute little shops. There was lots to buy, but nothing caught our fancy and we left with our wallets no lighter than when we arrived.
From there we got back on the train and headed up one more stop to Katoomba. I loved the little train station here. It was all kept up so nicely, with flowers planted and a nice paint job that would have definitely made me line up my kiddies for a photo shoot had they been with me.

This is where the Three Sisters are and I had seen them when i was here before. It was a very beautiful spot high in the Blue Mountains. There are a lot of paths that you can take all around there, but our time was limited so we just hung out for a while, took photos and then after a while headed back to the station to get our train back to Sydney.

Waiting for our bus at the Three Sisters.
It is so special to be here and spend all this time with Leni. I keep thinking that over and over again. How blessed am I to have been able to take this trip and have the support back home to let it happen.

When we arrived home Mark was home from work and had already been to the shops and got all the makings for a feast.
Mark loves seafood and Leni doesn't so they don't often have it. But now that Mark has me here to enjoy it with him, he definitely spoiled me. We cooked oysters, prawns and some blue-eyed cod.

I have never had oysters before and was not too sure that I would like them. They were delicious and we had no problem polishing off the whole dozen.

Thanks Mark and I know there are some of you out there that might just be a little bit jealous of me. :)

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Tania Taylor said...

Hi my friend.. Thinking of you and knowing that you are having the time of your life! How wonderful to be there with your sister and family. Enjoy your days.... Looking forward to seeing all your pictures when you return. ( Stephanie told me about your blog so I will follow and live vicariously through you). And remember, look for my club Monaco sweatshirt at Bondi please. Miss you. Tania