Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bondi Beach

Today Leni and I took the train (actually two trains and a bus) to Bondi Beach. There is a beautiful walkway along the coast that goes on forever, past different little beaches. The waves are beautiful and big and the water is beautifully blue. I loved it.

We walked forever because really I couldn't get enough of the view, but eventually we turned back to head back from where we came. We had some lunch at a streetside cafe and then made our trip home. We were both knackered (aussie for pooped).
Cooper - the picture of the sand is for you. It is so soft under your feet - you would love it.


Sonya said...

I love the first photo. I just want to jump right into it and never leave.

Anonymous said...

Yay, I just ducked in to see if you were keeping us up to date from Down Under and you are! Aren't you two sisters just the cutest ever. Looks like the most wonderful of times! Enjoy every second of this experience! Love Anita