Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Australian wildlife

This country has some beautiful birds and lots of them are right here in Mark and Leni's backyard. Today Leni and I just stuck around home and relaxed. So I was able to catch a few shots of the locals.
Cooper this one is for you again. These little skinks run around all over the place and today Mark caught one in his hand and he put it in mine. Yikes, can you believe I held it Coop??

And in Australia, they have really big spiders (yikes)

and really small strawberries. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is so fun to watch your journey! Reagan was telling me today about all the "critters" in Australia. She even tells me they are in the house...(smile). Have a great day. Julie

Mary said...

I would be on the first plane back home if I saw that spider - I can't even look at the photo!!!

Sonya said...

Oh man! That picture of the spider gave me chills.