Monday, March 26, 2007

Amazing day today. Clear and sunny and warm. Well, pretty warm. Of course the kids went back to school today. We survived our very wet Spring Break. After school, everyone was out. So funny how we see our neighbors everyday, literally, during the summer and then we go months without in the winter. Love our neighborhood - so fun hanging out watching the kids play. Such a tease for summer today. Kids in the backyard, Tony home from work and working on the yard. I had to take a moment just to sit on the deck with a cup of tea and soak in the warmth. Rolled up my jeans, tossed my socks and broke in my new Crocs. Never thought I would be a Croc wearer but when I saw the new Mary Janes in chocolate brown I just had to have them. Been wearing them all day.


mary said...

Hi Heidy,
I left you a long comment that doesn't seem to have been published. Don't know what I did wrong. Testing to see if it works this time.

mary said...

OK, here is goes again, with what my original message said:
I can't believe you have crocs. I don't wear those yet - but I have my first pair of Uggs today - also chocolate brown like your crocs (which are kind of cute). Uggs may not be cute but they sure are comfortable. Remind me to tell you how I got them straight from Australia. Perhaps your sister could help you get a pair.
Let's hope the sun stays around!

Tony said...