Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Had a nice night out with Tony on Monday night. It doesn't happen too often so it's always nice to get out together without the kids to worry about. Did a bit of shopping(will get into that later) and then had dinner at Milestone's. NotTony's favorite but he went for me - aaaawwwww :) I had the potato and corn chowder - one of my favorites. "good soup?' he asks as I all but licked out the bowl. I really don't get out much.
Now, back to the shopping. This is a tip for all of you that don't already know - when the sales girls laughs at you, yes laughs, as you come out of the change room it is not a good sign. I had on some sort of shirt/dress thing, gathered, and cute on the mannequin. Granted, it was hideous but did she need to laugh, yes laugh. To my benefit she did say that she hasn't seen one person yet to try it on and look good in it but did she need to laugh, yes laugh. Needless to say, I took that off quickly and tried on some jean bermuda shorts. "Cute", I thought. Helpful Salesgirl says "well....they're not awful." That is when I proceeded to get dressed in my own clothes and head for the door. they're not awful - who says that. I really think she needs to find a new line of work - I thought the idea was that they actually want you to walk out with something purchased. I like those shorts and will go back for them, of course making sure I don't ask Helpful Salesgirl the way to the fitting room.
I went home with nothing for me but stuff for the kids. They are more fun to buy for - it always fits and even if it doesn't they look great anyway.
Thanks to all who commented on the new hair - I'm still not sure so my friend/neighbor/stylist has booked me in tomorrow night to add some "funky" highlights. She says she's going to make me love it. We'll see.
Happy Wednesday.


mary said...

First - Your shopping experience made me laugh until I cried. Let me guess - the sales girl was 17 and a size 2!!!!
Second - Your hair is fabulous. You don't need to change a thing!

Tony said...

so tired