Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sports Day

One on the blue team, one on the red team, one on the yellow team, and one trying to support them all.
We were optimistic this morning as I painted their faces in support of their teams. But by the end of the morning most of the color had washed down their cheeks. Eventhough the rain fell all day and the afternoon activities for the older grades were cancelled they all still had a lot of fun.Go Hudson Go!
Such a good little spectatorLove how Tag justs fits in with Cooper and all his friends. He hangs out with them and they don't seem to mind in the least. And the girls all think he's pretty cute so I'm sure that doesn't hurt Cooper either.This is the "it's way too cold out here to eat a popsicle" face

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Anonymous said...

If anyone could win the egg in spoon race it would be Hudson - look at his concentration. You know, all the kids really suit the colours they are wearing, specially the red on Cooper and yellow on Reagan!! You know, I miss my Tag hugs!! Love, Leni