Monday, June 22, 2009

Catching up

Always the easiest way to catch everything up is to post it all in photos. So much has happened and we are definitely in the home stretch to wrapping it all up. I can feel us all starting to breath a little easier.

Wednesday night - Taggart's preschool graduation. A little emotional for me as we have been with those preschool teachers for 6 years. Such great teachers and I will miss them.Just minutes after this photo was taken, poor Nana had a fall. She missed a step and went down on her ankle. Her and I spent the evening in the emergency room but luckily it was just a sprain and she is healing up pretty quickly. Never a dull moment. :)Thursday - Reagan's class put on a presentation for the parents in one room of the school while Cooper's Grade 5 graduation was going on in the gym. Taggart and I ran back and forth trying not to miss too much of either one.Saturday - Reagan spent all morning on the floor of her bedroom, with Hannah Montana on the CD player, with her art supplies spread out in front of her. Well over two hours I think. Which made my time spent at Ikea the other night picking out the perfect art table and accessories for her room so much more worth it. I wasn't totally sure that she would go up there by herself and work but I know now that she will. Today after school she spent quite a time up there just organizing her supplies. She's a girl after my own heart, that's for sure.Saturday afternoon - a party with all of her closest friends (16 of them to be exact). We rented a room with a bouncy castle, tumbling mats, crafts, etc. We served hotdogs, chips and cupcakes. Typical birthday party fare.She blew out her candles.Saturday evening. A bbq dinner for Mary, Rochelle, Jake, Nana, our friend Rich and his daughter Sophie (one of the guest at the party). An ice cream sandwich cake for dessert. She blows out her candles... again.Setting up her art table Saturday night. It was very late and Cooper was all ready for bed when he discovered what we were doing. He was determined to help. A robe might have been a good idea. We snuck the whole set-up into her room while she was sleeping and she woke up to it on Sunday morning.The fresh face of seven - Sunday morning.
Lots of love all around. A pink basketball from Cooper.
A paper beading book from Hudson.
A one piece bathing suit from Taggart. (not shown) She has been asking for a 1-piece for months and I kept discouraging her, saying that two-pieces are way better, more comfortable, easier to move in, etc. But she insisted so we got her one for her birthday. She tried it on today for the first time and after a few minutes proceeded to take it off and change into her two-piece. 'Not comfortable' she said. Take note - Mom's are always right. Money and some crafting supplies from Nana.
Oma and Opa came to share dessert with us on Sunday evening. They brought Reagan a card with one of Opa's now famous drawings in it and some money. But the sweetest present in my opinion? - Opa let Reagan paint his toenails. He didn't even want me to paint my own when I was her age. There is definitely something special about a grandparent-grandchild relationship.
And Reagan blows out her candles for the third and final time of her birthday weekend extravaganza. A big old-fashioned ice cream sundae.

We didn't forget it was Father's Day - we have just postponed it a week. Reagan took priority, as I know she always will. We are blessed to have this beauty in our lives. Happy Birthday Reagan!


mary said...

Nice photos. I like the one of Reagan and Nana.
Way to go Opa!!!! (I'm glad you have a photo of it or I might not have believed it!)
Sounds like you have lots of stuff to keep you busy until your next birthday, Reagan.

Sonya said...

What a wonderful way to turn 7! I especially love how Reagan got to paint her Opa's toenails. So cute.

Anonymous said...

Made me teary seeing Reagan paint Opa's toes in what looks like purple. Happy Birthday sweetie!
Great photos all around. Love, Leni