Monday, September 24, 2007

It's a start

I know, it's a little pathetic but it's something. Two little mini hay bales (1/2 price at Liquidation World-thanks Ade) and three little mini pumpkins. Nothing like the photo I posted yesterday - didn't mean to mislead anybody and make them think that was actually my front porch. Love the twig planter in that photo and would love to know where to get one of those. Anyways, it's a start and I will add to it as I see things - a work in progress.
Enjoyed a movie night with the kids this weekend. Cooper had come off a week long punishment of no 'screen' time so he was itching to stare at one for a while. (punished for saying very less than desirable words) It's getting harder to find a movie that they all want to watch. Tag usually ends up watching something that is far too old for him and getting bored and then bugging the rest of us so we can't watch. But he did well and lasted through most of The Parent Trap. Like this photo because how many more years are we all going to fit onto one couch.


mary said...

A work in progress is more exciting then just having everything out at once and then it's done.
The Parent Trap is a great movie - good for Tag to sit through it.
Hopefully see you over the long weekend.

Anonymous said...

My looks kind a the same, yes a work in progress we just have hay bales and leaves, pumpkins and things yet to come. The kids saw Coop and said he did great, sounds like he did!! See ya soon