Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I was wrong

Taggart showed no apprehension, definitely no tears, just big waves goodbye as Reagan and I dropped him off at school this morning. He was very excited and I think, very proud of himself. He seemed to know somehow that this was a big step for him and he handled it perfectly. When I went to pick him after the hour I watched through the window of the door as they sang their goodbye song. He looked way too small to be sitting there on the carpet but yet there he was, not too little at all. This is the first time I felt a little sad somehow to see him there. I've always been the mom excited to see their kids go on another adventure, hit another milestone but today I felt a little something different. He is my last - I won't see this 'little' stage again. Another reminder to hold on to every moment and never wish it away. Feeling blessed today to have these four beautiful people in my life - blessed to be their mom.


mary said...

He sure is cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh you keep making me cry with your beautiful comments and Taggart is such a little cutie! Yes, they are little blessings but are they ever blessed to have you as a Mom!! Love, Leni