Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bright, shiny faces...

So many things go through my head on the first day of school. I always feel excited for the possibilites that lie ahead. What this school year might bring for them. Also I am trying to start the year off with good habits - like getting up on time, having things organized for the following day and, of course, teaching them to do the same. We started off the morning fairly well, me being determined to set a good and positive tone. Tony took the day off so we had him here to help move things along. We managed to get out the door on time, with only one meltdown from Cooper on what shirt he was going to wear (he and I didn't agree - he won - some battles aren't worth fighting). And we even had time for first day photos - an annual tradition. Officially this wasn't Tag's first day but he had to wear his backpack nonetheless. Apparently he thought he was going to school because as we walked and we failed to turn the corner which leads us to his school he looked at me with questiong eyes. "How come I'm not going to school, Mom?" I explained to him he has to wait until Thursday and he was okay with that. I have to mention that in the above photo I am telling him to 'smile nice'. Through those clenched teeth and cheesy grin he is saying "I am smiling".

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