Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just a day

Sometimes the day is over and, even though I felt like I was running all day, it doesn't feel like I accomplished anything.
Sometimes Tony asks "What did you do today" and I'm not sure how to answer.
Thought it might be interesting to record everything I do in a typical day.

6:15   Alarm goes - hit snooze.
6:24   Alarm goes again - get up even though I really want to hit snooze again.
6:25   Go wake up Cooper. He's got film club this morning and needs to be out the door
          by 7:45 and he's not a quick mover.
6:30   Shower.
7:00   Wake up Hudson and try to get Cooper out of the bathroom.
7:15   Go downstairs and turn on computer.
7:20   Clean up a few mugs from last night's tea.
7:30   Wake up Reagan and Taggart.
7:40   Still trying to get Taggart out of bed.
7:45-8:30 Make lunches. Help get breakfasts. Unload dishwasher. Say goodbye to Cooper
          and Hudson. Try to comb Tag's hair as he runs away from me.
8:30   Walk to school.
8:45   Kiss Taggart and Reagan goodbye.
8:50   In to school office to take care of some PAC things.
9:10   Walk home.
9:20   Call bank to clear up credit card issues.
9:30   Finish printing and cutting tags for Taggart's party goodie bags.
9:45   Email form to Tony's supplier. Email Tony to say 'I did it'.
9:50   Put in a load of laundry.
10:00 Grab my 'to-do' list and run out the door.
10:00-1:00 Do errands.
          Staples for more school supplies. (3rd time this week)
          Pick up clothes at CBC that Cooper forgot at camp.
          Starbucks. (definitely time for a coffee)
          Dollar store for Taggart's party supplies
          Grocery store for the things that I forgot yesterday.
          Mail a letter.
1:00   Home again.
1:05   Return a phone call to a friend to confirm dinner plans for Sunday.
1:15   Put away groceries.
1:20   Bake cupcakes for Tag's party tomorrow.
1:30   Wash dishes while cupcakes are in the oven.
1:45   Finish tying up Tag's goodie bags.
1:55   Take cupcakes out of the oven.
2:00   Change laundry over.
2:10   Send 2 emails.
2:20   Eat a nectarine.
2:30   Walk to school to pick up Taggart and Reagan.
3:00   Back home - drink a big glass of water. Hot out today.
3:05   Talk to boys about their day. Tony gets home from work to take Tag to soccer.
3:10   Make Taggart a snack and get his soccer things out.
3:20   Unpack lunch kits and put things in the dishwasher.
3:30   Get Taggart dressed for soccer.
3:40   Sit down and eat some carrots with dip.
3:45   Say goodbye to Tag and Tony.
3:50   Change laundry over.
3:55   Fold and put away two loads of laundry.
4:10   Eat a banana.
4:12   Got distracted and packed a few things that I will need for the party tomorrow.
4:13   Finish eating banana. :)
4:15   Call Dad.
4:20   Tidy kitchen from after school snacks.
4:30   Leave with Cooper, Hudson, Reagan, Noah, and Nana to pick up Taggart at soccer
          and go meet Mom and Dad at MCC sale.
9:10   Back home from MCC sale.
9:15   Put away cupcakes.
9:20   Make finger jello for party.
9:30   Help Taggart in the shower.
9:40   Help Taggart in to his jammies.
9:50   Bedtime story for Tag.
10:00 Say goodnight to Reagan.
10:15 Talk to Cooper and Noah about not getting to bed to late.
10:20 Tidy up the kitchen.
10:30 Sit on the couch with Tony to watch a bit of TV.
11:30 Head upstairs. Brush teeth, wash face, put on anti-wrinkle cream even though
          I'm pretty sure it isn't working.
11:40 Into bed to read. Make it through not even one chapter before lights out.


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Anonymous said...

Early here, only 7am but man am I tired reading that blog!! Love you and may need to get you back here for a rest! Leni