Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day

One of the best things about winter for kids is waking up to find out it's a snow day.
We are in the middle of our second one this week.
It started snowing last weekend and we have had quite a bit for our part of the world.

Snowfall 2012 Tally(since last Saturday):
Times I have shoveled the driveway - 4
Mugs of hot chocolate consumed - 30+
Times Taggart snow gear has come off and on - 28
Number of gloves dried over the heat vents - 50
Number of snowballs thrown in the face - nobody likes a tattletale
Number of tears from snowballs thrown in the face - too many to count

Our little neighborhood of girls + Taggart.

This is the closest I have to a picture of Cooper and Hudson. The hill at the school behind our place is where they go to sled and meet up with their friends. They come back only for another mug of hot chocolate and for me to dry their gloves

This little pansy is staying strong and holding out for spring. I'm with the flower. 

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