Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pinterest success

If you are a Pinterest user you probably understand what I am about to say.  There are a lot of great things on Pinterest.  A lot. Which means you can spend a lot of time going through them. I have spent my fair share, actually much more than my fair share of mornings with my cup of tea looking through more great ideas or recipes that I can pin. And pin I do. I have boards for recipes, clever home organizing, kid party ideas, crafty things, the list goes on. But where I tend to fail is in the execution of all these ideas. I guess you actually have to stop pinning for a while and start doing.
Well, I'll have you know I did just that this week.
Meyer lemon cranberry mini cake donuts. Inspired by Pinterest.

I made 48 of these little sweets and they were all devoured before the day was over.

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Mary said...

I'll check that one out - baked not fried, right?