Saturday, June 9, 2007

Saturday morning antics

It's a pretty typical Saturday morning around here. Everyone still in their pyjamas, Tony still sleeping, the boys fighting over a video game, Taggart toddling around causing trouble wherever he can and Reagan...Reagan is in her usual spot, at the little black table in the playroom, her latest coloring book spread out in front of her. It is the first place she heads every morning and at all times of day really. She is enjoying coloring so very much right now it has almost become an obsession with her. All her toys continue to collect dust and she is filling up her coloring books and burning through crayons faster than I can keep up. The only problem with this really is that Taggart does not enjoy coloring but he does enjoy Reagan and wants to be with her so while she sits he bugs... and bugs and bugs. So, so enjoyable for me. Here's a rare moment of them actually sitting together nicely this morning - it only lasted about two and a half minutes but it was something. Look at that face though - he's so hard to get mad at. Lucky for him.


mary said...

Two and half minutes - not bad!!!
I bought Reagan's birthday card the other day - and after reading your entry this morning, I think she will like it! (You'll see).
Looking forward to tomorrow - even though the weather is not cooperating.

Anonymous said...

Taggart looks pretty cheeky to me - like look Mommy, I'm being good! We had huge rain and storms all Saturday and Sunday. It was a long weekend and Monday was nice so I went for a long walk while I waited for the laundry to dry. love you all, Leni