Sunday, November 15, 2009


Reagan's very first skipping competition was this weekend. A day full of sitting on gym bleachers, waiting for events to start, watching her jump, and being very very proud of her.

I really think that Reagan has found what she really wants to do. We tried ballet and she liked it but when it was over she didn't want to do it again. Same with gymnastics, same with soccer. But skipping....she seriously can't get enough. She never complains about her two hour practices and still has energy left over to show me a new trick she's learned.

It's so great to see her do something she loves. She had a great time at the competition. She was a little nervous before each event, but she never got upset when she tripped. Her attitude was good from beginning to end. I really enjoyed being there with her.

I foresee that this is going to be a big part of our lives in the time to come. The team trials are done in December and then (if all goes well) she is officially part of the team and practices go from 3 hours a week to 5. More competitions are coming for her and she is nothing but excited about all of it.

I guess I better get a 'skipping scrapbook' started.

Marching into the gym with her team
Warm-upWaiting for judges 30 second speed Her ribbons


Mary said...

Wow - first competition and four ribbons! Your hair was a perfect style for skipping. Glad you have found something that you really like to do.

Anonymous said...

Reagan that is fantastic. You look like you are having fun and that is important. I love your uniforms, they look very professional! Love, Aunty Leni