Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sick days and creating art

The rain is coming down in buckets outside as I type this and the kids are all laying low watching 'Elf' in the living room. That is definitely one of my favorite Christmas movies so I may go join them soon. Since Halloween is over we have now officially switched gears to Christmas. Our decorations aren't up yet but I'm thinking about it.
Have been spending lots of time this week working on my 25 Days of December 2008 book to get ready for 2009, which I hope to start working on next week. The idea was inspired by this in case anyone is interested in the process. The idea is to have the book done before December 1st so that all you have left to do is add photos and a bit of journalling each day leading up to Christmas. That didn't' happen last year for me, but fortunately I did keep a log of every day so now as I am doing it I can remember what happened each day.
Also spending time this week creating some things I've seen for a while and really wanting to re-create. A friends' birthday this week gave me the perfect opportunity.
Scrabble tile pendants:The photo doesn't show it well but they have a really great glossy raise effect on the surface and I really like how they turned out and how easy they were to create. Reagan has already requested one and I think I will make a few for myself before I decide to give any more away.

So why so much time for creating art this week? Three words: very-sick-kids. Actually only Reagan and Tag but Cooper and Hudson are at school so the house was pretty quiet for a few days. Reagan missed 4 days of school and Taggart missed 3. They each seemed to be hit with different bugs - Reagan had a bad chest cold and Tag with a stomach thing. On his worst day he ate absolutely nothing and drank about 1/2 cup water. He didn't move from the couch all day unless I carried him there. Poor little guy. I thought the TV might start smoking after all the kids shows we watched, but really what else do you do when you're to sick to move. He's feeling much better today though, they both are. Hopefully Monday we'll all be good to go.


Mary said...

Glad we came last weekend!!! I hope everyone is healthy for a while.

Anonymous said...

Poor little tykes! Not nice to feel too sick to move..Tag looks very peaceful though. Love, Leni

Anonymous said...

Oh, and something else, I would love one of those pendants if you are giving them don't need to send it, I will try and come and get it:-)) Leni

Adrienne said... the pendants..r u giving instructions away, so i can make my own?!!

Hope everyone is getting healthy!

Sonya said...

Yes! Do tell the secret of how to make the pendants. They are beautiful!