Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I used to be one of those people who said that Christmas decorations should not make their first appearance until Dec. 1. I'm not sure why but that is what I stuck to. But this year I have been itching to get all our stuff out so today that's what Tag and I did. He had a great time pulling all the decorations out of the big tubs and spreading them all out over the living room floor. He was most interested in his stocking and this little house that I painted years and years ago. I don't actually even put it out anymore but I may have to rethink that.
Then after dinner I got out the box of snow globes. Nana has bought all the kids one every year so they are all starting to get quite a collection. A few of them have broken over the years but we still have kept them intact, just without the globe part. Every year they look through them all remembering which one they got on which year. My challenge is always where to display them. I want them to be able to see them but I want to keep them safe. It's such a special tradition that brings new magic every year.
So we spent the evening playing with snow globes and listening to Christmas music. Which brings me to another reason I am ready for the season to start. Christmas music has got to be one my favorite parts of the holidays so the other day I got my iTunes Christmas playlist ready for my listening pleasure. I add a new album or two every year. This year's addition - Sarah Brightman and Michael Buble. I'd love it if anyone would share some of their favorite holiday music.
Earlier in the afternoon Cooper and Hudson set up the nativity scene and as they were looking at it tonight Tag said to Cooper "Reagan told me that says Gloria (referring to the angel) - just like the hippo on Madagascar." Cooper thought that was pretty funny. So did I.
So Christmas has arrived at the Symonds' house even though it's still November. And my '25 Days of December' book awaits for the month of photos to begin.


Sonya said...

Hi Heidy! I don't know if you remember me from highschool. I found your blog through Adrienne's blog and I've spent a great portion of my day reading through your archives.

You have a beautiful family and it's clear that you're a terrific mom. :)

As for favorite Christmas music, I love the old classics sung by the greats like Perry Como, Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby. And I also have my Christmas playlist uploaded to my iPod, but I can't bring myself to listen to it quite yet. Maybe next week. ;)

mary said...

Hi Heidy,
Christmas is starting early at your house! Sorry to hear about the Christmas tree farm! Funny that you talk about Christmas music. This year I am making a CD of my favourite Christmas songs - I'll give you a copy. Top of the list Enya - White is in the Winter night.

Heidy said...

Hi Sonya. Of course I remember you. Nice to see a new face making a comment especially such a nice comment. Thanks as well for your input on the Christmas tunes. I love the classics too - go on - start listening. :)