Monday, November 3, 2008


Halloween night went off without a hitch. Tony got home nice and early so we were both here to get everyone all dressed up. So after we'd all filled our bellies with potato soup and fresh buns we were off. Nana is always kind enough to stay behind and hand out candy so Tony and I can both go out with the kids. The rain held off as well. Taggart was done after about 1/2 hour so Tony ran him back home and then quickly caught up with us again. We went farther than we have any other year so the kids of course came home with a ridiculous amount of candy. That which they made a huge dent in over the weekend. In previous years I've tried monitering the candy intake. A limit of a set number of pieces per day - not this year. I would rather just see it gone asap.

So the night was a success and since it was a Friday this year we weren't worried about bedtime. We ended the night with a movie (just bought TinkerBell for Reagan earlier that week) and of course more candy.
The prep
The crewThe loot
Those earrings are a Halloween tradition for at least 10 years now.The end.


Anonymous said...

Ooohh I want some of the loot please. The costumes all look great too; I especially like Hudson's hat and Nana's earrings are very Halloween cool!! Love your hair Heidy!! I rarely get to see you in your blog so I just noticed that you have changed colour and it is shorter yes? Lovely. Love you, Leni

mary said...

The kids look great! You did a great job on the Joker costume. Did the green come out of your hair Cooper?
I guess I have never seen Nana on Halloween - I would remember those earrings!!! She must be the coolest Nana on the block!