Friday, November 7, 2008

Some days are lucky

Most days he's lucky - this day brought some disappointment. The lunchbox was empty. Everyday after school Tag gets Cooper's lunchbox, brings it to the table, and checks out what Cooper didn't eat. Sometimes it's just his juice, maybe some apple slices or if he's lucky, a friut snack. He only checks Cooper's lunch because he's learned from experience that Cooper is the only one who brings food home. Eventhough I pack the same thing for Reagan and Hudson they always manage to finish their lunch. What does that say about Cooper? He's a yakity yakker... and a very slow eater. Lucky for Taggart - most days that is.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Taggart! You'd think you were not feeding him enough - having to scrounge for left overs like that. Very cute! Love, Leni