Monday, November 24, 2008


Most of the morning consisted of some video games, a word search, a game of cards, and a steaming plate of crepes, or Oma Pancakes, as they're called around here. All of that slowly took us until early afternoon when we decided that we should ditch the pajamas and head outside to burn off some energy.
Check out the clock - this ain't no early bird special

A quick walk turned out to be an all afternoon affair in the beautiful trails close to our house. Of course the camera came with us and Tag was quick to let me know he wasn't ready for pictures.Okay, now I'm ready. Tony tries to throw Reagan in the creek

A game of tag breaks out

Cooper gets what I'm sure he deserves

Tony decides to help her across rather than throwing her in

A very cool treeBack to throwing her in

Reagan telling on Daddy

Daddy moves on to throwing Tag

Tag not happy about it

the girls

Cooper trying to hit Hudson in the tree

A small fight breaks out (inevitable)

What you can't see is Cooper on the other side throwing things at us. Seriously, where have I gone wrong?

And I got them all to sit still long enough for this one shot. The light's weird but hey, they are all looking. What more can I ask for?


mary said...

What a great day - and you didn't even spend a penny!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I missed you so thank you for all those photos - love them all and especially the one with you and Tag and the tree is very cool. Would love to have joined you for the Oma pancakes - they look yum!! Oh, and I love Hudson's smile!! Leni