Thursday, November 27, 2008


Reagan has been enrolled in a skipping camp since September and has loved every minute of it. It's been great to see how far she progressed in just 10 weeks. Last night was their final show.
It was very casual with all the girls just showing a few things that they had learned.
I love to watch her when she does something like this. Such concentration on her face - her mouth always wide open with every jump.
A school gym is not the ideal setting for photos but here's a few highlights. Times like this I wish I had a bigger zoom lens and a better concept of how to capture action shots.

One of her biggest fans.


Sonya said...

I always marvel at all the different tricks kids can do with skipping ropes. I have a feeling it's not as easy as they make it look.

mary said...

That's great Reagan - I wish I had seen you!!! You'll have to show me a few tricks on Saturday if it's not raining.
Love Aunty Mary

Anonymous said...

Reagan you are so awesome!! Love you, Aunty Leni