Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm back

Last night Tony told me I needed to blog. I knew that, and I've gotten hints for my dear Aussie sister as well but when my husband tells me that I take it seriously. After all, isn't he supposed to be aware of the going's on around here without reading it on the blog. This brings me back to a question I've pondered before - "If you don't blog it, did it really happen...??"
So on this blog post #172 I realize that I am not sorry I ever started this. At the beginning I had my doubts about whether our lives were 'blog-worthy'.
I go through periods of time when I can't wait to blog and periods of time when honestly it feels like a chore. But when I look through old posts, I am thankful I took the time to post each and every one.
I hope that one day my kids understand the blessing of having their lives documented like this.
So on to just that - the details of life.
A very mean and nasty stomach bug marched through our house last week. I think he stomped on me the hardest but Cooper and Tony were hit too. I think that we are all back to normal now, which feels very good.
We are starting to concentrate on Christmas around here. The decorations are not up yet but Christmas wish lists are starting to pop up and I have started to work on my '25 days of December' book. This is a book that I did last year to record the daily events of December. I am doing one again this year and pre-assembling all the pages so that in December I only have to add a photo everyday. December is such a fun month of baking, crafting, decorating and focusing on family time together that it is important to me to have a record of that. I will post the finished book (sans photos) later this week.
And finally, a sure sign that Christmas is here. This bright cheerful red cup just makes me smile, especially when it's filled with a white peppermint mocha.


Anonymous said...

What??? You take Tony more seriously than me? Welcome back and I love you!

mary said...

We all love 'the little red cup'!

Adrienne said...

Hi friend
wow, do we ever see each other anymore..yay for blogging I know what is going on with you guys the. Maybe we need to do the red cup together soon?

I am a total rookie. Jess even started one.