Thursday, December 3, 2009


I am way too tired to blog right now but this whole "blogging once every two or three weeks" thing is getting ridiculous.
How it is already December 3rd I can't even begin to try and figure out. Why does November seem to fly by in a bigger whirlwind every year? My Christmas decorations are still not up but don't get me started. At least I did manage to remember to pull out the advent calendar wreaths on Monday night. Can you imagine??
Okay, the reason for my post tonight: SCIENCE FAIR!!
For the last few weeks we have been cursing Science Fair around here. This is our first year dealing with it and man, does it take up a lot of time and energy. Cooper was actually really excited about the whole project and spent a lot of time on it, making sure he was keeping on track with what he needed to have done every week.
The whole late night, printing tiger photos off the internet, typing, editing, etc. thing paid off though. He got chosen (1 of 3 in his class) to represent his grade in the final. Tomorrow morning he will find out if he was chosen out of those to move on to the next level. He is beyond excited and told me he wasn't sure if he would sleep tonight (he was snoring by 9:30). Really, really proud of him and the effort he put into this project.
Speaking of proud, the other three all performed in their Christmas concerts yesterday and today. Of course, they all did fantastically. But, off the record, the kindergarten class is really the cuuuuuutest. Don't tell the others. He was rewarded for a great show with a cookie and a juice box which he proceeded to enjoy sitting on the end of the stage.
Yay everybody this week!!


Sonya said...

I am so glad the science fair days are behind me. So, so glad. I'm not glad however that the Christmas concert days are behind me. I still miss my kids participating in those every year.

mary said...

Great week for all!
Please tell Cooper I saw the photo and it looks SO professional. I was thrilled to get his phone call last night.
See you all tomorrow!!!

Rochelle said...

Congratulations Cooper! i can't wait to hear about it tomorrow!
See you all soon!

Anonymous said...

Well done Cooper! The project looks great from here. Christmas time - the busiest time of the year ever!!! Nice though, because it is only once a year. Love, Lnei