Monday, December 21, 2009


I decided to attempt some Christmas baking again. My last attempt was not too successful. I spent the whole morning and some of the afternoon knee deep in chocolate, almonds, flour, and icing sugar. This time I did good.
It must have been the Christmas carols playing. Tony even kept football off the TV most of the day to help set the mood and not jinx the baking marathon that was going on.

A game of monopoly took place between Cooper and Tony. Tony takes this game far too seriously so we had to lighten the whole thing with a game of Nerf darts. He happened to be wearing the perfect shirt for it - they all stuck to him. The kids thought this was pretty funny.

Love the look on Reagan's face in this one. He waited it out and then they got back down to business.

This is Cooper and Tony deep in discussion about how Cooper, who had no money left and owed $950 in rent, was going to stay in the game.

Sunday I felt that I got back on track with Christmas preparations. I still have lots to do (I should be wrapping right now) but I got myself back in the spirit. The funniest thing was how Reagan and Tag have started making lists about what they are going to do during the day. They have obviously been watching as I scribble my lists down furiously and then try and cross things off. There lists seem to be a little less labour-intensive than mine, but important none-the-less.


Mary said...

Nana even makes it on Taggart's 'to-do' list!!

I wish my lists could look like that!

Sonya said...

Your Christmas treats look too pretty to eat!

Love the lists. Kids, they have it so rough, don't they? ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the lists - especially the part about waking up in the morning and eating lunch! Glad you still made time to blog Heidy! Merry Christmas everyone and also to the regular commentators like Sonya and Mary!

Adrienne said...

Tony should play with Mark, he is way to intense also