Friday, May 28, 2010

Cooper at the track meet

Middle School track meet competition is a little stiffer than Elementary School. Cooper was just happy that he got into at least one event. This meant that he didn't have to go to school for the day.
He did great in his race (2ooM), and he came in third. Ribbons are a little harder to come by though as they time the kids in all the races and just the top 8 get ribbons. He wasn't too bothered though and had a great time hanging out with his friends.

My photos weren't as great as Hudson's because when you're in grade 6 it's not that cool to have your Mom at the finish line with a camera. I had to get this one from behind the fence. But I was happy he still wanted me there and I was happy to be there.

Cooper and his best bud Daniel.

I was thinking after Hudson's track meet how lucky I am to able to be at all their events, especially seeing the kids that don't have any parents watching because they have to be at work.

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Anonymous said...

Great shot of Cooper running, he is really giving it his all and third is pretty good for 200 mtrs. Well done Coop!!! Love, Leni