Wednesday, May 19, 2010


He is almost finished his kindergarten year. Can't quite believe it

He loves listening to tunes on the iPod. Among his favorites are 'Eye of the Tiger', 'Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy', and 'I am a GummyBear'.

He asks for half an apple at least 5 times a day.

He asks to play with Nana every single day.

The worst thing you could possibly do to him is take away his bedtime story. Sometimes that has to be the threat though if he doesn't cooperate at bedtime.

His favorite bedtime story - the little comic book that came inside the shoe box of his new runners.

He would eat popcorn for lunch every day if I let him. Sometimes I do.

He has a really hard time getting into playing by himself, except in the morning time when he's supposed to be getting dressed for school. I've found him in his room, more than once, deep in play with cars or superheroes with only his underwear on. Sometimes still around his ankles.

He says really, really funny things. I wish I could remember them all and I wish I was better at writing them down.

He's really good with numbers, not so good with letters. But getting better all the time.

He is usually happiest just after dinner.

He is really good at ignoring me.

He loves to be outside more than anywhere else. We are really happy for the warm weather.

He is going to be missed a lot when he starts Grade One.

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