Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Besides sneezing like crazy

with the worst eye-rubbing, nose-blowing, kleenex loving allergies. Here's a few tid-bits of what we've been up to lately.

Taggart's class went on a field trip to Crescent Beach on what felt like the coldest day in June. Fun for about an hour digging in the tide pools for crabs and things. Then the kids were cold and wet and....done. So we left and we have the photos for a memory. Tag was quite pleased with this little fellow who wouldn't let go of his shovel.

We celebrated Father's Day with a trip to the nursery for our much neglected garden and a BBQ dinner. Cooper made coconut cream pie (Tony's fave) for dessert.

This beauty turned 8!

She wanted to go to White Rock for a dinner of fish-n-chips on the beach. It was cloudy, cold and looking like rain but she wanted to go anyway. So glad we did - the sun was out in all it's glory by the ocean and we had a fantastic night.

Nana joined us.

We saw a seal in the water (and lots of big crabs) while walking along the pier.

She caught her very first fish, with the help of a very kind young man on the end of the pier.

She got her toes wet.

A lovely night for a lovely girl on the first day of summer.

As we walked back up the pier to go get ice cream, she said to me
"This was my best day".

What more could you ask for.

Lastly, my bee-pops are done and have already been devoured by 21 kindergartners.

Something to remember....blogging about something that you haven't actually done yet really commits you to it. Note to self - blog about something only after it is already done.
How all these foodie bloggers have the where-with-all to actually take photos of the process and show step-by-step how all these little lovelies get made is beyond me. Trust me, no one would have wanted to see photos of me trying to attach 70+ little wings to 35+ little bees. All I can say is that my kids had cereal for dinner last night and spent a lot of time outside. I saw bees in my sleep. But the kids loved them, and so did Mrs. B and so did Tag. Mission accomplished.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. Happy Birthday Reagan and Happy Father's day Tony!! The bees look - well, like bees. Well done, you are a better woman than me for sure! Love, Leni

olivia said...

happy birthday reagan! i hope you had a great day. i wish i could have celebrated with you but hopefully i'll see you soon! love olivia xox