Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How can I not??

(photo courtesy of Bakerella)
Next Wednesday is Mrs. B's last day teaching of the year. Mrs. B is Tag's Wednesday kindergarten teacher. She only teaches one day a week but it is Tag's favorite day of the week. For her last day, they have appropriately named the day "Mrs. B Day". The kids are all meant to wear yellow and black and today Tag and I went to work crafting a little bee visor for him to wear. I'm not sure if we are even meant to send snacks, but seriously, how can I NOT send these? As I checked Bakerella's website tonight these were just staring at me. The timing was perfect. Now I just have to fit making all these cute little bees into my already crazy month of June.
But seriously, how can I not??


Anonymous said...

Of course you need to make them...the kids will love them and so will Mrs. B. What a wonderful idea, you are so sweet....Julie

Sonya said...

How perfect! I've still never tried making cake balls but I really should. It seems simple enough and they sure are cute.

Anonymous said...

Wow Heidy! You are so ambitious! You have me completely addicted to Bakerella's blog :) Let me know how the bumblebees turn out, post a picture! Knowing you, they will be perfect-your kids are so blessed to have you as a mother! Hope that things are going well for you and the family! Anita

Anonymous said...

I agree, how could you not but you are very lovely to make those for Tag's class. I know they will all enjoy them! Love, Leni