Thursday, October 28, 2010

Splitting myself into three

That would have been the perfect way to be in all the places I wanted to be today. Lots going on at school and I wanted to be part of it all.
Milk jug skeletons in Hudson's class. Lots of cutting and hot gluing. Lots of hard work but such a cool looking result. A very cool project.

Caramel apples in Reagan's class. What can I say....yummy!

Rolling and cutting out Halloween cookies in Tag's class. They will decorate (and eat) them tomorrow.

So thankful to be a stay at home Mom that can be there to do this stuff with the kids. After school we put some final finishing touches on the costumes so they are ready for the morning. Then we went to work on creating some treats they can share with their classes. More on that tomorrow.
Cooper, who normally loves being at middle school, was feeling a little nostalgic for his elementary school days, when you get to have a costume parade and parties with fun home-made treats. As he helped me package them up tonight I made sure he got his share of tasting in before he headed off to bed.


Sonya said...

Those milk jug skeletons are really cool!

Some years I make Halloween treats for my girls to enjoy at home because they too miss the elementary days of class treats.

Anonymous said...

I too love the skeletons! How very inovative! I miss Halloween!
Love, Leni