Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

New Year's was celebrated around pretty low-key. The kids all want to stay up until midnight, so that is what we do. But by the time the clock strikes twelve, we all barely have enough energy to stand up, never mind do any celebrating.
Nevertheless, we have high hopes. I spent a good part of the afternoon preparing all of their favorite snacks, which we all enjoyed throughout the evening. Some games were played, some Play Station Move, (a new Christmas gift), and a movie. We rounded out the evening by watching the ball drop in Times Square on TV. Tony and I both decided that is some really bad TV and not worth watching. Next year we will have to come up with something much more fun to be doing at the turn of the New Year.
Taggart really wanted to make it, and he almost did. This is about 11:50PM on the floor in the living room where he had made himself a bed. I let him sleep for a few minutes and then woke him up just in time to see the countdown and wish him a Happy New Year and then carried him to bed. I think he was back asleep by about 12:05.

And also a few photos of a little fun Tag and Reagan had yesterday afternoon. Cooper and Hudson were playing football out on the field with some buddies so they missed out. Tag though they would be very jealous when they found out.
This is favorite activity.

Reagan gave Tag strict instructions that if his marshmallow caught fire he shouldn't wave it around, but instead just put it the middle of them and she would blow it out for him. They had it all worked out.

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