Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

Who doesn't love a snow day? All the plans of the day get thrown out and it just seems a day to play.

We started late. Even after the 6:30 wake up call from the school district to say that school's are closed, we all still managed to be pretty lazy and breakfast wasn't had until about 10:00.

Some playing ball in the house. Sorry Nana - this is so not allowed.

The boys all headed to the school to sled down the hills. Reagan went too but soon came back. She seemed happier just sitting in the front yard making snowballs. A friend joined her later.

I got to play a little too while the kids were outside. Watched Reagan and her friend play through the window as I did some work on my December Daily book. A little behind.

Pizza for dinner.

Hot chocolate and a movie rounded out the day.

As the kids headed off to bed tonight, their hopes are all high for another snow day tomorrow. Chances are very slim, which is probably good. Need to get done all the things I didn't do today.

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Anonymous said...

3 of my favourite things on the photos, pancakes & pizza and the kids. Love, Leni