Sunday, May 8, 2011

Go Fish

Reagan and Taggart have been very busy practicing all their underwater songs for their musical production of "Go Fish"that they finally got to perform for us this week. I really love school productions. The kids are so excited and so proud and sometimes a little embarrassed about what they are about to do.

I spent some time along with other Moms, cutting out and decorating 20 little seahorses for Tag's class of cowboys and cowgirls. And also another day decorating the gym stage to be an underwater wonderland.

Opa, Nana, Cooper and I watched the afternoon performance and Tony and Daniela went to watch the evening.

Taggart and his class performed the song "Round Up Under the Sea" and Reagan's class did "We're Sharks". They were rapping sharks...this is the part that Reagan found a little embarrassing but she did great. They both did.

Taggart, although excited, found the whole thing exhausting. Three performances in two days is a lot, especially because they had to stand on the risers throughout all the performances, not just their own.

When I asked Taggart how the dress rehearsal went the day before, his response was:
"Mom, it was an ocean of pain". very clever and totally appropriate. I told his teacher about that the next day and we both had a good laugh. "How very Taggart" she said.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Tag! How cute and funny you are - an ocean of pain! Better than a whole world of pain. You both did great!! Love, Auntie Leni