Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter (x2)

Good Friday here at our place. A beautiful sunny day just perfect for an Easter Egg Hunt with our cousins.

Unfortunately, this day was also day one of our families run with the flu. Hudson was feeling pretty crummy but he managed to get out and find his eggs and sit in the sun for a while. After that, right back to the couch.

Olivia, we missed you!

Because of the flu, our Easter Sunday plans got canceled. So Opa came over this weekend and we all went for a beautiful walk in our trails. Opa brought some Easter treats that we hid and they were off and running.


Anonymous said...

What a great Opa!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of Opa and the kids and the sun looks so nice. He is a great Opa!! Love, Leni

olivia said...

i miss you guys too!!!