Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I was greeted with this little fistful of dandelions when he walked in the door afterschool.

We've all been sick. Easter weekend consisted of a lot of lying around, watching a few movies, washing sheets, and a lot more lying around. It started with Hudson on Friday morning and it worked it's way through all of us. Reagan and I are fighting the end of it today. Tony has, so far, managed to avoid it.
We did manage to celebrate some Easter on Friday with Mum, Mary, Jake and Rochelle. Haven't had the energy to edit those photos yet so I will post them soon. Easter brunch was meant to be held here on Sunday with the Brauns, but unfortunately we had to cancel. The sick part was not fun at all, but one thing I did appreciate was that it made us all chill out and relax. Probably the most relaxing weekend I can remember. It really shouldn't take a stomach flu to get us to slow down, should it?

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