Monday, April 18, 2011

Snowballs, snow, space, and science

The snowballs I refer to are actually Eskimo snowballs and they look nothing like real snowballs, but Reagan insisted on making them one day. It was a recipe she had learned from her teacher and she was sure she knew exactly how to do it and I didn't need to help her at all. I realized that she did know all of the ingredients, only she didn't know how much of anything, so after just a little bit of help with googling the recipe she was off and running.
Eskimo snowballs: a mixture of butter, sugar, oats, and cocoa

Had I known the making of snowballs would actually result in real snow, I may have thought twice. Seriously, this is so not what I expected to see out my window this morning. I'm pretty sure this snail isn't too excited about it either. Reagan actually cried when she saw the snow. The thought of digging out her snowboots was just too much.

Space school - a morning of fun space-themed activities with Reagan's class. She had been looking forward to it all week and the snow that morning threatened it's postponement, but the outdoor activities were moved to the gym and it was a go.

A Science Fair accomplishment for Cooper. His project made it to the regional Science Fair at the University and he won the "Young Innovator's Award" and (more importantly) a cheque for $75.

Never a dull week around here. Wonder what this one will bring.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Cooper!!! That is sooo cool and maybe you will be a famous scientist one day, along with being a surfer dude. Love, Leni