Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Field Trip

Hudson's Grade 5 class went on a field trip to Victoria and I got to go along. The bus left the school not-so-bright and early at 4:50am. There were stars in the sky so we were anticipating a great day with no rain. After a long trip of bus-ferry-bus we arrived at the Parliament Buildings for the first part of our day. We enjoyed a tour there with a very entertaining tour guide named Maxim. At least, I thought he was entertaining, not so sure about the kids.
From there we had a little free time so I took my group of 5 boys on a little tour up Government Street. I told them the first one to spot a Starbucks got a dollar, so that kept them busy for the first 10 minutes. One boy was finally $1 richer and I finally had my mocha (and hot chocolates for the boys). We spent a little while in a novelty/joke shop and then found a street entertainer magician that kept their interest until it was time to head back to meet the group for lunch.
After lunch it was off to the Royal BC Museum where we spent about 3 hours. Then it was time for our long journey home.
The ferry was a definite highlight, I think, for Hudson. Lots of time spent outside with his buddies, playing tag on the top deck. Unfortunately the photos of the day are mostly of Hudson and his friends, as that is the only way he would cooperate with my camera. If I could get a friend to go, he would go too. I don't like to post photos of other kids unless I have permission, so this is all I have of just him.

We arrived home at about 8:15, happy and exhausted.

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Anonymous said...

Jeepers, 4:50 sounds pretty early but as long as it is worth it yes? and it looks like it was. Love, Leni